Getting Cold in Here…

With the Bonesplitterz done and dusted, the Christmas Project could move onto a brand new army – enter the Beastclaw Raiders!


Not planning a massive force of these guys – but then, everything is relative, isn’t it (there is a truly frightening number of Stonehorns and Thundertusks sitting on my painting table right now.

Anyway, this is the first little group, and a fairly convincing show of force it is too.


To get all the colours set, I did Beastriders on a Thundertusk to begin with, as this is the model Duncan goes through step-by-step on Warhammer TV, and I intended to follow his colour scheme pretty much to the letter.


When you start off, it looks like a fairly complicated model, and Duncan encourages you to do lots of things I normally go a very long way to avoid, such as thinning with Lahmia Medium, but I persevered, and I don’t think it has come out too badly!

The scheme is not particularly time-consuming, and I would recommend it.


The Mournfangs (of which this clan has eight total) were done in exactly the same way as the Thundertusk, just scaled down a bit.


Frost Sabres are easy to do, and I went with a white scheme to lock them into the rest of the army. The Hunter I was fairly dreading, as he has a lot of detail on him with different furs, bones, and trophies.


However, he turned out to be fairly easy. The trick was in doing the fluffy fur first, in the same way as the the Beastclaws (Rakarth base, Agrax wash, and then drybrush Wrack White). This left a very nice colourng on the flat hide, which meant I could just pick out the thicker hide – and that meant 90% of the model was done!


The last of this little group was formed from a family of Yhetees. I avoided the ‘dirty’ scheme that Games Workshop has on these guys and instead used the same colouring as the Thundertusk once more.

Makes them look a lot ‘colder’ I think!


2 Responses to “Getting Cold in Here…”

  1. Marc Says:

    I find your productivity super-human … !

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