The Alfrostun Grows (with some trees)

The Christmas Project continues and it is… going okay, I guess. I have lost a couple of days from the original plan, and doing everything planned is looking… tight. Still, progress is being made and if I can get the current lot on the painting table done over the next few days (a whole bunch of Khornate cavalry), I might still be on track.

Yesterday, however, I managed to polish off three great big Stonehorns for the Beastclaw Raiders, making this army look a lot more convincing.


I a getting used to this model now, so they were a bit faster than the single Thundertusk I did last week. Got two more Stonehorns to do in order to ‘finish’ the Beastclaw Raiders, along with another Thundertusk, but I am having a little break before I tackle them, putting them at the end of the Christmas Project line.


The really important model here is the Frostlord, as leader of the whole army, and suitably imposing he looks too.


Along with a Huskard, to lead those battles that do not quite need the big boss coming along (this guy will also lead other Destruction armies, such as a bunch of Gutbuster Ogors that are on the way).

You will notice the Ice Vulture on his wrist – I decided to stick with the snowy theme for this bird, using the same scheme as the Frost Sabres and Stonehorn itself, just adding a dark blue beak.


Some Beastriders were added too – funny to think that, alongside the Mournfang cavalry I did last week, these guys are the ‘basic’ troops of this army…

Finally, I polished off the extra Tree-Revenants I had been promising myself, making my Sylvaneth army look a little less dominated by Dryads.


So, what is left?

Well, on the painting table right now I have ten Khornate Chaos Knights, six Skullcrushers, and a Gorebeast Chariot (also for Khorne). They all have their base colours done now, but I had to pop into work today so I am losing some time there. Really need to crack on with those and get them finished tomorrow because…

… if I stick with the Christmas Project schedule, I have a whole Gutbuster army to do, along with three more Stonehorns/Thundertusks and if I stick with original schedule, they get done somewhere in the middle of next week. Which is not too good.

So, I have started to wonder whether I should not just have a ‘mega-batch’ of models painted at once, and get the Beastclaw Raiders done at the same time as the other Ogors.

Will it work? You’ll find out in the next update, likely next week!


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