Christmas Project – The Results

First, the latest minis – last week, I finished the cavalry division of the Khorne Bloodbound, comprising Skullcrushers, Knights and a Chariot.

Oh, and another milestone passed… One of these models is my 2000th (!) painted for Age of Sigmar since it came out in 2015. No idea which model was the 2000th. Let’s call it the chariot.


I was fairly afearing about how long these would take to do but, in the end, they took up only two and a half days. I thought I might get bogged down with the Skullcrushers but once the Juggernauts themselves were done, the riders were quickly dealt with.


The Chaos Knights took a little longer, but only because there were ten of them being tackled at the same time. Came out quite nicely though.


Finally, the Gorebeast Chariot (the 2000th model!). The chieftain riding in it is actually from the Chaos Warrior range from way, way back.


I picked it up on eBay as this was one of the first miniatures I ever owned, but its size does not really let it compete as a Hero these days, and the styling is too different from regular Chaos Warriors. However, I think he looks just right riding a chariot!


So, how well did I do with the Christmas Project over all?

I failed!

To be fair, I did well, and I was not over confident going into it. I have managed to net 40 Bonesplitterz, 24 Boarboayz, 10 Tree-Revenants, 4 (4!) Thundertusks/Stonehorns, 8 Mournfang Cavalry, 6 Yhetees, 6 Frost Sabres and a Hunter.

Can’t really call that bad going!

I can also say that the last items on the Christmas Project list (30-odd Gutbuster Ogors, an Ironblaster, and another 3 Thundertusks/Stonehorns) are on the painting table right now, and I have already built/prepped the next batch (more Chaos Warriors & Knights, along with a Warshrine for the Everchosen horde).

Now, I really should have finished the Ogors, but in the last weekend of the Christmas break I got a little distracted by Blood Bowl II on the XBox One, as I had just discovered the Nurgle team (which is just hilarious in play, much more so than those serious Wood Elves).

Did get me thinking that perhaps after the Chaos Warriors I could take a little break from Age of Sigmar and get the new Blood Bowl miniatures done.

But I have just seen the new Lord of Change…


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  1. 5 on Friday: 13/01/17 – No Rerolls Says:

    […] Christmas Project – The Results @ A Tabletop Gamer’s Diary – Some more Age of Sigmar painting.  I like how this game seems to encourage small, tight, themed forces.  This article features some freshly painted Khornate Cavalry.  The models are nicely painted individually but, as usual, they look even better presented together.  These Age of Sigmar posts make me want to put something together, myself! […]

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