The Ground Shakes…

I haven’t been posting much thus far this year – lots of things happening right now, mainly with work, plus I got a little stalled on the painting, and we haven’t really got back into the swing of things with the Realmgate Wars campaign yet. But, all that is to change!

I have managed to snaggle an early copy of the new Tzeentch Battletome, which I will try to do a review of tomorrow, and we have our first Realmgate Wars battle coming up too (Alarielle is making her first appearance!). Plus, I managed to (finally) finish off the Gutbuster Ogors I had pegged for the Christmas Project.


Not a full tribe as such, but enough for the single campaign battle they appear in thus far (from Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound, so quite an old one!). You will also notice they have no leader as such, as in the battle they are being led by Thundertusk Beastriders.


A solid unit of 13 Ogors form the core of this little force, and they really are dead easy to paint (really should not have taken me as long as it did…). Do the skin, do their trousers, do the metal bits… and that is an Ogor 90% complete! A few detailing bits on bone and wood, and you are all sorted.


I also added some ‘elites’ in the form of eight Ironguts, and I know from experience just how nasty these guys can be when they get into battle. Eight might be overkill in most circumstances, but given how small this force is, I think they will probably work well!


Ranged attacks are always useful, so Leadbelchers make an appearance. The flames on their lighters make for a nice touch, I Thought, nicely picked out from the drab colours I stuck to for the rest of the force. And if they are not enough for ranged support…


… an Ironblaster should do the trick!

I have another Ironblaster tucked away, and I could really use some characters in this force (especially a Tyrant), but I think I will leave those aside for now, until the Gutbusters make a proper entrance into the campaign, rather than just a little side battle. As it is, they are going to make a healthy addition to the growing forces of Destruction.

On the painting table right now is the last of the Christmas Project models, two Stonehorns and a Thundertusk that are pretty much complete (will certainly be polished off over the weekend). After that, I have some unaligned Chaos Warriors to attend to (one unit of Warriors, one of Knights, a Lord on Daemonic Steed, and a War Shrine) to bulk out the army of the Everchosen.

Beyond those… well, I have a choice. I have a couple of Beastman bits and pieces ready to go (a Tuskgor Chariot and some Centigors), there are the new Tzeentch models on the way… or perhaps I will have a little break and delve into some Blood Bowl…


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