Last of the Beastclaws

The final nail was put into the coffin of the Christmas Project this week (only a few days late)… the last three models for the Beastclaw Raiders.


Two more Stonehorns and another Thundertusk!


The sad thing here is that I now have almost as many Stonehorns/Thundertusks as Mournfangs, which is probably not quite the right ‘balance’ for your typical Beastclaw Raider tribe. In my defence, this has come about purely for the storyline requirements of campaign games, not a Matched Play ploy.


Still, I can now call the Beastclaws ‘finished’ until and unless they make a full appearance in the Realmgate Wars campaign (I am guessing that will be quite some time, if it happens).


The next project is adding to the Everchosen’s horde of Chaos Warriors (unaligned guys), but I will be taking some time out to put together some non-campaign-related Forge World models that I have had lying around for a year or so now. Looking forward to that!


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