Battle Report – Dead Cunning

More from the Ironjawz and this time, the realms will quake with fear for the Fist of Gork himself has shown up…


The Story So Far

Deep within the Realm of Beasts lay the Growling Gates, a nexus of Realmgates that served as an important strategic link across the Mortal Realms with the mighty Gorelight Gatefort at their centre. They had been held by the forces of Chaos for centuries, and now the Stormcast Eternals were ready to take them back. A Strike Chamber was dispatched to claim the Growling Gates.

However, Gordrakk and his Ironjawz had got there first, and now it was the Ironjawz who controlled the Growling Gates.

Gordrakk had faced the Stormcasts before and knew how hard they could be. So, he planned a few surprises for Sigmar’s boyz. As the Stormcasts deployed around the Realmgates, Gordrakk employed the best of his cunnin’ tricks in an attempt to catch his enemies off guard…


The Forces

The full weight of our growing Ironjawz force is deployed today, with not just a Megaboss on a Maw-Krusha, but also Gordrakk as the general!

Gordrakk, Fist of Gork
Megaboss on Maw-Krusha
Weirdnob Shaman
Gore-Gruntas x 6 (two units of 3)
Brutes x 15 (three units of 5)
Ardboyz x 40 (two units of 20)

There is no subtlety in this force (beyond Gordrakk’s plans), no battalions, no frippery – just good, honest Orrukness.

Stormcast Eternals
Liberators x 35 (seven units of 5)
Judicators x 10 (two units of 5)
Prosecutors x 6 (two units of 3)
Decimators x 5
Protectors x 5
Retributors x 15 (three units of 5)

Forces from two Stormhosts have rallied to face Gordrakk in this battle, the Hallowed Knights and the Stark Hammers. Their force is based around the humble Liberator, but enough Paladins are present to give even the Ironjawz pause for thought.


The Battleplan

At its core, this Battleplan is a simple one; The Stormcasts start in the middle of the table, defending the Realmgate as they get surrounded by the Ironjawz. Whoever controls the Realmgate at the end of the fourth round gains a major victory.

There are, as always, some complications…

First off, Gordrakk is in charge, and he is using his cunnin’. These will result in a number of tricks he may be able to employ at the start of the battle, ranging from a surprise attack that puts the Stormcasts on the backfoot right at the start of the battle, to a Weirdnob apocalypse!

In addition, Gordrakk can keep some of his forces off the table, to come on as reinforcements whenever he wants (mostly – these are excitable Orruks after all, and they don’t always do as they are told).



The Stormcast Eternals deployed in a defensive ring around the Realmgate with Liberators locking their shields to hold back the oncoming Ironjawz whose warcries they could already hear. Paladins and Judicators formed a second line in front of the Lords-Relictor, -Celestant and -Castellant who guarded the Realmgate, while Prosecutors floated overhead, ready to reinforce the defence wherever they were needed.

The Stormcasts proved wise enough to most of the Ironjawz tricks, but did not account for the sheer savagery Gordrakk was able to awaken in his Brutes and Ardboyz. When the Ironjawz appeared, they had been driven into a terrifying frenzy of violence that could not be restrained.


The Orruks drove towards the Realmgate from three points, utterly undismayed by the Stormcasts who stood before them – in fact, they looked like they were well up for a fight!


Battle Round One

The Stormcasts steeled themselves as the Ironjawz thundered towards them, but there was more to come. Bellowing their mounts onwards, two units of Gore-Gruntas appeared, galloping along to catch up with the Maw-Krushas of Gordrakk and the Megaboss.


The noose tightened around the Stormcasts quickly, giving them precious little room to manoeuvre.


As they half-bounded and half-flew towards the Stormcasts, the Maw-Krushas unleashed a mighty bellow that swept out with concussive force before them. Weathering the blast, the Retributors closest to the Maw-Krushas remained unimpressed. Angry at the stoic response, the Maw-Krushas crashed into the first line of Liberators alongside the leading Brutes.


Three Liberators were immediately crushed by the unstoppable momentum of the Maw-Krushas and the others quickly fell to the weapons of Gordrakk and the Megaboss, their Sigmarite shields proving no defence against the fury of the Ironjawz.

Barrelling forward, the Maw-Krushas were an irresistible force that smashed through the Stormcasts to open their defensive line. The speed at which the Ironjawz moved in their rampage caught the Retributors by surprise as Brutes brought down one of their number and the Lord-Castellant desperately rushed forward to try to stem the flow. Gordrakk urged his Maw-Krusha on again to reach the Retributors, and the Paladins were smashed apart by his beast’s great fists. Only the Lord-Castellant stood firm, his halberd scoring a wound in the Maw-Krusha, but the monster barely noticed.


Further down the line, the battle was just as desperate for the Stormcasts as the Ardboyz battered their line.


In their headlong rush through a Sylvaneth Wyldwood, one unit of Ardboyz did not notice that five fewer Orruks failed to emerge, their warcries drowning out the screams behind them as the trees callously impaled and pulled apart the brutish invaders.

Gordrakk’s rampage was in full effect among the Ardboyz as they quickly wiped out one retinue of Liberators, but the rest of the Stormcasts held the line. Ardboyz started to mob round them, creating small islands of silver armour amidst a sea of green but, having held the charge, the Liberators now started to go to work with hammer and sword, aided by Decimators.


Under the crush of the Orruks, the weapons of the Stormcasts began to have a telling effect, and soon Ardboyz lay on the ground with more fleeing for safety away from the battlefield. However, many Ardboyz stayed in the fight and the Stormcasts were still hard-pressed.


His defensive line shattered by the Maw-Krushas, and now in a duel with Gordrakk, the Lord-Castellant had no choice but to turn the healing rays of his lantern upon himself until reinforcements arrived. Fortunately, the Lord-Celestant had watched the attack of the Ironjawz carefully and was already shouting orders to his men.

The Stormcasts reformed their line, and the two remaining retinues of Retributors strode confidently towards the Maw-Krushas and Ardboyz, their hammers held ready to strike.


Behind them, Judicators and Prosecutors aimed their weapons, and Gordrakk was peppered with heavy fire of bolt, bow and javelin, causing his Maw-Krusha to reel in pain.


Only the hammer-wielding Prosecutors were close enough to lend aid to the Lord-Castellent, but they plunged in fearlessly, despite being outmatched. Flailing with its huge fist, his Maw-Krusha caught the Lord-Castellant a savage blow that sent him flying onto his back. The Prosecutors dove at the beast, but only managed to divert its attention as their hammers bounced uselessly off its thick hide.


Then, a massive flash of lightning illuminated the battlefield, followed by a crack of thunder and the mewling of a Maw-Krusha in terrible agony – Retributors had reached the Megaboss and cracked the bones of his mount in a series of punishing hammer blows.


Further away, Ardboyz continued to flee the battlefield as Decimators and more Retributors continued their bloody work but around the Numinous Occulum, a retinue of Liberators had been caught by Brutes and were now in danger of being cut off from the rest of their army.


Battle Round Two

Standing high on his Maw-Krusha, Gordrakk gave voice to the power of Gork, invigorating Orruks across the battlefield. Encouraged, the Weirdnob Shaman gestured with his staff and the green smoke arising from it coalesced into a giant spectral foot that briefly hung in the air above a retinue of Stormcasts. With a shuddering thud, it came down to crush the life out of two of them.


Though he would never have admitted it, Gordrakk was in trouble as he received a constant hammering from the Stormcasts, and the Gore-Gruntas picked up speed to save their boss.


As the Megaboss’ Maw-Krusha reared up and bellowed at the Retributors, blasting one Paladin, the Gore-Gruntas struck.


The Prosecutors saw the beasts coming, but could not gain altitude fast enough, and they were pounded into the ground under the feet of the Gore-Gruntas, even as Gordrakk skewered the Lord-Castellant. Despite being brutally wounded, the Megaboss’ Maw-Krusha pounded at the Retributors who had harmed it, flattening them into the ground with its massive fists. Once again, the Stormcasts’ line had been cracked open, and there was now a clear path to the Realmgate.

The other unit of Gore-Gruntas had diverted their rush to the Realmgate and instead charged the Liberators holding the Numinous Occulum, their long polearms easily reaching the Stormcasts above them. With Brutes also rampaging through the ruin, the Liberators had nowhere to go and were wiped out within seconds.


More carnage was happening on the other side of the Realmgate as Brutes finally reached the swirling melee created by the Ardboyz, and they struck hard, wiping out the Retributors who had reinforced the Liberators.


The Stormcasts had not been without success in this battle, as both Maw-Krushas had been terribly wounded and the Decimators had almost finished off every Ardboy on one flank. However, the Lord-Celestant knew that immediate action would have to be taken if the Ironjawz were not to simply roll over his army.


His attention was focussed on the opening the Maw-Krushas had created to the Realmgate, and the Lord-Celestant directed both units of Judicators to open up on Gordrakk. Bolts and arrows of lightning flew at the Fist of Gork, slamming into his Maw-Krusha with deadly accuracy, while the Lord-Relictor prayers to Sigmar was answered by a bolt from the heavens that hammered into Gordrakk and blasted him off his mount. The Maw-Krusha gave one last pitiful moan, then collapsed to the ground, Gordrakk buried somewhere beneath it.

As the Stormcasts gave voice to a cry of victory,  the Lord-Celestant rushed forward, twirling his cloak to unleash a hail of celestial hammers at the Megaboss. The enchanted missiles smacked into both the Orruk and his Maw-Krusha, braining both in a welter of blood.

Buoyed by the slaying of both Maw-Krushas, the Lord-Celestant charged on to the Gore-Gruntas. He had hoped for his Lord-Relictor to follow him into battle, but his sudden rush had caught the Lord-Relictor by surprise , and he remained by the Realmgate.


The Lord-Celestant rained blows from both hammer and sword upon the Gore-Gruntas, but the massive creatures simply shrugged the attacks off their thick hide and thicker armour.


Battle Round Three

Oblivious to the fate of Gordrakk and the Megaboss, the Weirdnob Shaman conjured another Foot of Gork (or was it Mork?) that stamped down to crush a Judicator and three Liberators.


By now, the Gore-Gruntas had reached the Realmgate, with just the Lord-Celestant, Lord-Relictor and a retinue of Judicators close enough to halt their progress. The Lord-Relictor’s hammer cracked the hindquarters of a Gore-Grunta, but the rest overran the Lord-Celestant, leaving him lying face down and immobile in the dirt.


Realising he was now in command of the Stormcast army, the Lord-Relictor raised his reliquary to the sky to call down another bolt of lightning, this time frying a Gore-Grunta as it tried to climb up onto the Realmgate.


Battle Round Four

Both sides had suffered heavily, but victory was still available to either. However, all thought of the Realmgate had fled the tiny mind of the Weirdnob Shaman, who was now drunk on the power of Gork. Truly he had been blessed by the God of Destruction, for yet another spectral foot hovered above the battlefield, this time descending to crush two Decimators.


The Skybolt-armed Judicators had been raining fire down upon the Gore-Gruntas, but their Prime spied the Warchanter, the sole survivor of the Ardboyz group who had fought the Decimators, sprinting for the Realmgate. With a sharp order, the Judicator-Prime told his men to draw their Warblades and charge.


The focus of everyone else was on the Realmgate, as Prosecutors swooped in to give some relief to the embattled Boltstorm-armed Judicators fighting at its foot.


However, they failed to notice the Brutes pounding after them who, seeing the Prosecutors alight upon the ground for just a moment, charged. The Stormcasts were quick to react, spreading their wings to take to the air once more, but one was too slow and was caught by the claw of the Brute Boss. Thrown to the ground, he could not avoid the weapons of the Brutes as they tore away his shield and sent him back to Azyr in a bolt of blue lightning.


The surviving Prosecutors managed to reach the Realmgate but they were exhausted. Fortunately, so were the Ironjawz, and the two armies began to drift apart, finally grateful for the break in combat.

The Realmgate could not be convincingly claimed by either force, and would remain contested.



Now that battle was brutal!

The Ironjawz start very close to the Stormcasts and, with their various kunnin’ plans (only one of which Gordrakk managed to pull off this time round), the fighting starts early.

This caused the Stormcasts to be thrown onto the backfoot right from the start, and most of the battle saw them reacting to the Ironjawz in a desperate bid to hold the line. The Ardboyz (40 of them!) took immense casualties and the two Maw-Krushas finally went down, but only at a cost the Stormcasts could ill afford.

In the end, the draw was the right result, as both armies had fought well, and neither could shift the other from the Realmgate.


The Story Continues…

After witnessing the arrival of Gordrakk to the Realmgate Wars, we are going to go back in time for a ‘historical’ battle and a very, very famous confrontation with a God.


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