Legions of the Everchosen

My painting has sloooooowed right down of late, it cannot be denied. There are, however, some legitimate reasons for this – I did have a massive painting spree during the Christmas period, studies have jumped up a level in complexity of late, work is busy, and there is less pressure on me to get things ready for campaign play (all models done for the next 20-odd battles!).

However, I have managed to get another set of models down that have been on the painting list for, well, forever – enough models to round out the Legion of the Everchosen, or unaligned Slaves to Darkness by another name.


This brings me up to 11 Chaos Knights, 36 Chaos Warriors, plus a few extra characters and gribblies. Which makes for a nice rounded force to add to other Chaos armies when Archaon takes to the field (or sends his minions to do his bidding.


All these models use the Varanguard paint scheme, as laid out in the Everchosen Painting Guide, linking them all to Archaon’s mob, as well as being a good ‘neutral’ scheme for unaligned warbands.


However, you will note the Everchosen’s symbol on the standard of the Chaos Knights – taken from the transfer sheet that comes with Battletome: Everchosen. A nice little detail that further puts these guys with Archaon.


Now we get to the good stuff. One of the Battleplans in the Flesh-Eater Courts book features unaligned Chaos Warriors going to war with a Ghoul King while carrying a Warshrine – so, one had to be added!


I have a plan to do a Warshrine for each of the Chaos Powers (Nurgle already done), and I wanted to make little changes to each to make them look more like the God they follow, mainly by altering the head on the daemon holding up the icon, the icon itself, and the priest at the front. However, being unaligned, this Warshrine could stay ‘vanilla’.



The Soul Grinder is not needed for any planned campaign battles but, well, how could I not, eh? This was an eBay purchase from quite some time ago but, as I wanted it unaligned, it was waiting until I did the rest of these models, so everything could be done in one hit.


And finally, a Lord on Daemonic Mount. Because you can never have too many Chaos Lords.


So, what is on the painting table right now? Well, as mentioned earlier, there is no real pressure at the moment to get things done for the campaign, but I would like to ‘keep pace’ with all the new stuff getting released for Age of Sigmar so it does not build up (like the Beastclaw Raiders and Boinesplitterz did). This means all the new Tzeentch stuff, the Stormcasts coming next week (not worried about those, Stormcasts are dead quick to paint) and I have a feeling new Duardin will be popping their heads up in the next month or two…

I have started putting the Tzeentch Arcanites together (starting with the Acolytes) and I ant to get the Blue Horrors and Lord of Change done sooner rather than later. However, while they are getting put together, I am starting work on a whole bunch of Plague Toads for Nurgle (they have been lying around in their bags for 18 months now!), plus a little (?) something special for my Destruction forces…


3 Responses to “Legions of the Everchosen”

  1. ulfast212 Says:

    I have a question: I´m trying to start AoS down in my gamingclub (several was old die hard fantasy fans so not easy) and I´m wonderrng if you have anything that could help me to start out, like which book to start with, some special battles etc?

    Kind regard Per

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