A Giant, Bouncing Squig!

Starting to (slowly) get back into the swing of painting, and last night I polished off a brand new model for the Destruction Alliance – a Colossal Squig!


Despite being a (fairly large) Forge World model, the Squig ended up being simplicity itself to paint.

Starting with a base coat of Jokaero Orange (on a Corax White undercoat), the whole model gets washed with Fugan Orange, and then drybrushed with successive layers of Troll Slayer Orange, Fire Dragon Bright and then Kindleflame (that last is what really sets the model off, don’t skip it!).

And that is 95% of the model completed!


After that, it was just a case of mouth, teeth, claws and eyes. Towards the end, I felt the model was lacking a certain something, so did a few light-coloured warts dotted about the place, and highlighted the ears and spikes with Yriel Yellow – that did just the trick!

Currently got more Forge World models on the painting table at the moment, in the form of Plague Toads of Nurgle, along with the Orc Blood Bowl team, but I am hoping to make a decent start on the new Tzeentch models this weekend!


4 Responses to “A Giant, Bouncing Squig!”

  1. Sr Dies Says:

    Good job! By the way, how did you painted the inside of the mouth? It was the most difficult part for me when I was painting mine. I had a some trouble making sure no part of the mouth was without paint.

    • altsain Says:

      I know what you mean – I sloshed a lot of ink inside, but there were still some unpainted areas. However, when you consider the angle of the model, no one will ever see those spots when it is on the table.

      So, I cheated 🙂

      • Sr Dies Says:

        xD that’s totally legit! I primed black the inside of the mouth before assembling and green-stuffing some parts, just in case I couldn’t reach it with the brush or the airbrush. At least it looks shady and dark!
        Thanks for the reply, and congratulations for the blog!

  2. Byron Grahame Says:

    One of my favorite creatures is the squig. Built my goblin army around hopers and herders. The bigger the better and this guy is awesome! Excellent log – have followed every battle and now reading the books. Feels like I know the characters from your battles. Can’t say enough good about what your doing and always look forward to the next update.
    Keep up the good work!

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