The Gouged Eye

I was going to give the new Blood Bowl a miss when it first appeared, but I made two mistakes. First, I have been playing it a fair bit on the XBox, which caused me to remember how much I enjoyed the game in days gone by. Second, I realised that I could get hold of it at a price that put it squarely in the impulse purchase bracket.

So, I got myself Blood Bowl and, this weekend, painted up the Orc team.


I went for the ‘official’ Gouged Eye colour scheme because, well, why not (and the Humans are likely to be done as the Reikland Reavers, though I am leaning towards doing Skaven the same colours I did when I was a teenager), and I think they have come up quite nicely.


These are really nice sculpts, a far, far cry from the models we had in previous editions. They were more like playing pieces, while these are genuinely nice models.


The Black Orcs are especially menacing.


For the paint scheme, I simply followed all the directions given in the Blood Bowl rulebook. Nice, simple, and effective.


Have to say, if I were playing this game ‘seriously’, I would already have picked up another core set to pad out the teams. My standard Orc line up has the two Blitzers, only uses one Thrower, but puts four Black Orcs up front. The Linemen bulk the team up to 11 players (who needs reserves, eh?) and then I try to squeeze a re-roll in. Rely on the general Orciness of the team to give durability and wait until you get a few skills on the Blitzers (the Black Orcs struggle to get them quickly, but Block and Mighty Blow are always the first choices, and that starts making them a real problem for opposing teams).

Still, at the moment, just looking to paint the models up. I’ll worry about composition if I ever join a proper league.


I also picked up the Forge World Referees (I have also grabbed Zug and pre-ordered Varag, and so I am beginning to get the nasty feeling this game is going to become like Age of Sigmar for me – not an issue in itself but Adeptus Titanicus and Battlefleeet Gothic are both on their way, and something will have to give…).

These are delightful little models, full of character, but they are getting near my Talent Limit. From a distance they look okay, just don’t focus on their shirts all that much.

I have a fair bit of gaming coming this weekend, so I am not likely to get the Reikland Reavers done, but I’ll get them started and begin thinking about putting the Dwarf Giants together!


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