So… This Happened

Over the past few weeks, we have been playing a D&D campaign on Tuesday nights (running through the Drow War campaign) and yesterday… well, the train did not come off the tracks, but it certainly leaned over onto just one set of wheels.

Towards the end of the night, I had to read this description out to one of the players who was the last to enter a room (just a bedroom in a derelict shop):

“Okay, you step into the room, ignoring the flames building up behind you. The floor is covered with many fine gowns that have been thrown carelessly aside. There is a nest of red and purple cloth in the corner where James is lying – he is very, very pale and not moving. A ten year old boy is in one corner, his distraught cries muffled by the octopus wrapped around his head. Amy is in pitched battle with a ten year old girl who has blood running down from her mouth. Meanwhile, Andy is behind Amy and looks like he is about to slice her in half with his sword. Ed has rats scampering up his robes. Oh, and there is another octopus on the floor, gasping for breath.”

The problem was, the party had split itself up.

Three of them had got hammered the night before and woke up late, so the other two went off into the city to go shopping and attend to errands. The hung over guys woke up at different times and so when the tavern’s owner asked them to sort out his rat problem, only two of them felt up to the task.

They delved around the cellars and found two ten year old children – who were actually vampires. It took the kids all of ten seconds to completely dominate both of them, and so the feeding commenced (constant CON loss).

The others were really slow in getting back to the tavern (or waking up, for that matter), and it took them longer to figure out where the other two had gone – when they found them, one of the dominated adventurers managed to hold them up even longer as he tried to get rid of them (under the direction of the little girl).

A fight finally broke out, though one of the adventurers had been completely drained of blood (and it will be fun to see what happens to him next session), and the others realised that even ten year olds are really hard when they are also vampires – they twigged they might have to adjust their tactics when the little girl caught the Barbarian’s greatsword with her hand.

The Druid and Bard came to the rescue, distracting one of the vampires by summoning an octopus over his head and watching it grapple him (the other octopus missed the girl as it fell).

A tough battle over all, and ‘this’ close to a TPK.

Next week, they will be dealing with a Green Hag in a city grove, before we can get back to the main part of the campaign…



One Response to “So… This Happened”

  1. Mike Chipman Says:

    I love how the story takes on a life of its own sometimes.

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