A Clutch for Chaos

Of late, I have just been doing the odd few models here and there, clearing some of the models I have been wanting to do, as opposed to those ‘required’ for the campaign games. This weekend, it was the turn of Chaos to get some love.


The Rat Ogres were the bulk of this little group, and I always figured they would be easy to paint (basically following Duncan’s directions on Warhammer TV for a Clanrat).


I figured eight would be good to start with and, when added to the Packmasters, Giant Rats, Rat Swarms and a couple of Abominations, the Clans Moulder is beginning to look fairly fleshed out. Will always need more Giant Rats and Rat Swarms though.


I already have a couple of Chaos Spawn, but always thought it would be fun to make them power-specific. This time round, bearing in mind what is going to be on the painting table next, I thought a Tzeentch-themed spawn would be appropriate.


Finally, this guy. He was going to end up on a Warshrine of Tzeentch to characterise thew model but after putting together the unaligned one, I realised this eBay purchase was actually the chap who was normally on the Warshrine (albeit with an added sword). I wanted to do something a bit different for Tzeentch, so what to do with him?

The two weapon outfit screamed Exalted Hero, but what hero would have very little armour?

Had to be Slaanesh!

So, my Slaaneshi Host has a new commander, ready for use once the god returns to the campaign!

On the painting table right now is a half-done Human Blood Bowl team (with the Mighty Zug!), that I hope to have more or less done this week. The next big task (already put together and undercoated) are forty Kairic Acolytes, to be followed by thirty Tzaangors, with the odd Tzeentchian hero thrown in for good measure.


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