The Reikland Reavers

Recent painting has not been superfast, but I did manage to polish off another Blood Bowl team – the human Reikland Reavers!


Overall impression of these guys… nice enough, but there is far less variation between models than for the Orc team, almost as if all the effort went into the greenskins, and these chaps were left until last. You can certainly see this on the Linemen:


And even the Blitzers, who should be the real stars of the team, are rather close in appearance to the Linemen:


Another complaint is that the included transfers were not used on the models pictured in the rulebook. Which is fine, but if you choose the Reavers paint scheme, the Griffon transfers will not fit on the shoulder pads. Not brilliant.

On the plus side, I do rather like the models for the Throwers…


… and the Catchers.


Little complaint here, and this goes back to the original Blood Bowl range – the included balls do make the models look nicely dynamic, but it looks really odd when your team seems to be carrying five balls at the same time…


Finally, I added the Mighty Zug from Forge World. Really nice pose on this model and, if you are worried about it, very, very easy to paint (always a concern with Forge World models).


Liking this model a lot, will be adding Varag Ghoulchewer to the Orcs when I get a chance!

The next Blood Bowl project will be the Skavenblight Scramblers, but I have a veritable legion of Kairic Acolytes on the painting table at the moment, that I am hoping to polish off this weekend!


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