Hammerhal Heroes

Work on the new Tzeentch models continues apace, but I managed to squeeze in these few models – Heroes from the Shadows Over Hammerhal set!


I pretty much followed the painting guide in the Hammerhal book for these guys, and they were easy schemes to follow. In fact, though it does not look like it on first glance, these models generally use a common palette – same colour cloth, same colour weapon hilts, etc.


The Aelfs come first, and they are the debut for Aelves in my Sigmar collection (I still haven’t done the two guys from the Silver Tower!). The Loremaster is always a favourite, and it has got me thinking seriously about an Eldritch Council force for larger games of Sigmar.


The Fleetmaster, on the other hand, was always a model I had pegged to do for Silver Tower, but only just got round to. These guys pop up in the City of Secrets novel as a kind of dockside mafia, an idea I love, so it is entirely possible this chap will be the start of a new force in the future too!


The last of the heroes is a Cogsmith, and I was a bit hesitant about doing this one as rumours are currently saying the Steamhead Duardin will be appearing very soon now, and I imagine this chap will be among them – so I kind of had to pick a paint scheme for an entire army with one model.

Then again, it might not be such a hardship if I end up painting another Cogsmith and keep this one for Hammerhal…


And finally the villain of the piece, a Sorcerer Lord of Slaanesh. Not that I needed another one, but you cannot have too many Sorcerers in a Slaaneshi Host, right?

That polishes off all the Hammerhal models for me, as I had all the baddies done for larger armies already – though I will be appreciating adding more Acolytes, Bloodreavers and Blightkings to those forces in due course.

Next up though, finishing off the Disciples of Tzeentch with a whole bunch of Tzaangors, in a variety of flavours!


One Response to “Hammerhal Heroes”

  1. Gabbi Says:

    Nicely done. Love the Cogsmith especially. He has a great Warmachine-y look 🙂

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