Review – Grak and Crumbleberry

This is a bit of an odd review, and the first I have done for miniatures, but I think there will be some readers who will appreciate it…

I was up at Nottingham this weekend, for the Triumph & Treachery event for Age of Sigmar, and I noticed this pack in the Warhammer World store:


A Star Player Duo for Blood Bowl, Grak and Crumbleberry, an Ogre and Halfling pair.

Warhammer World has been doing ‘exclusive’ releases for some time now, items that can only be purchased if you actually visit Games Workshop HQ. Feelings on this seem to be mixed – on the one hand, getting hold of them is plain impossible if you live far overseas (and is not always easy if you live in the UK), so many gamers are denied the opportunity to pick them up. On the other hand, it is a nice nod to people who make the effort to attend events there, albeit one they pay for.

This pack seems to have been a bit of a ‘stealth’ release for Blood Bowl, and I have not seen much chatter about it on the forums.

For £20, you get two resin Blood Bowl Star Players, the aforementioned Grak and Crumbleberry.


Though they have joined my ‘painting queue’, I have not put these two chaps together yet, but you can see how they all fit together from the (digitally-printed) blister insert.

However, the insert folds out, to give you not only the (very easy) assembly instructions but also the rules needed to field this pair (and they are only ever fielded as a pair).


No background or fluff is given for them (and while I have been playing Blood Bowl since the first edition, I was never really into the Star Players, so I am afraid I do not know if these guys are brand new or a reprisal from the past), which is a bit of a shame but, given the expression on the Halfling, I think we can presume he gets given the ball and then gets hurled by the Ogre.

There is also a separate sheet given for a new Player Card – very flimsy, so I am not sure it will actually get used as a card, but it will allow you to give a fellow team-mate a good kicking, sending them sailing down the pitch.

I am sure nothing can go wrong with that.

In short, I like these models and think they will be good additions to my small but growing Blood Bowl collection, and hope Warhammer World will do more. However, I do have the opportunity to pick these exclusive models up while others do not, so I can understand any kick back GW receives on the forums about this.


One Response to “Review – Grak and Crumbleberry”

  1. Circus of Paint Says:

    There’s also been a lot of criticisms about WW’s selling policies – some can order as many as they want home, sometimes it’s one-only per person.

    I had a friend ask them in person three days in a row for it (for him to send onto me after collecting) and was refused.

    So yeah, still kinda annoyed about that!

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