Royalty of Tzeentch!

The process of painting up the forces of Tzeentch continues, and some decent progress has been made in the shape of the first Tzaangors and some Heroes.


First up was the Curseling, and… I have just noticed my camera does not do the blue I used for Tzeentch very well!


Honestly, it is a lot more teal-ish, on all of these models! Still, you get the idea.

I quite like the idea behind the Curseling, gathering all of Tzeentch’s secrets like a tumor until they gain sentience and sprout out of his shoulder to actually whisper themselves to him…


The Fatemaster is quite a funky model, despite its age – the disc, in particular, looks a bit bland compared to the new ones. However, turn this guy around…


And he is completely on fire! Quite like that, and I quite like the fiery effect I managed to get out of it – just successive washes, followed by a light dusting of Abaddon Black for soot.


Rounding off the Tzeentch Heroes is the Tzaangor Shaman, and you can see the new models get far more intricate discs.

And that rounds off all my Heroes of Tzeentch (with the exception of the Lords of Change, coming very soon!). What about the Magister, you ask? Ah, already done, long ago, when he was the Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch!

Also, got the first unit of Tzaangors done:


These took a little bit longer than they should, though that is down more to early access of Mass Effect: Andromeda rather than any difficulties these guys cause. I have two more units on my painting table right now, and don’t foresee any great issues – do their skin, do their armour, loin cloths, and weapons… then just the gold bits and pieces and you are more or less done!

Finally, I also painted up this little Grot Shaman. He doesn’t actually have anything to do with Tzeentch, but he might pop up in Warhammer Quest, so I thought why not, eh?


As I said, the last of the Tzaangors are on my painting table right now (along with the Skavenblight Scramblers and Varag Ghoulchewer, but I digress) and once they are done, that is almost everything finished for this wave of Tzeentch.

I have the Enlightened and Skyfires of course (total of 9 models for now), plus the Lord of Change to do, and I want to add the Changeling, Kairos, and a Tzeentch-dedicated Warshrine to really polish them off. Maybe Slambo as well but, again, he really has nothing to do with Tzeentch.

After that, I have pulled out the Stormcast Vanguard to do, but I am wondering whether they will be overtaken in the painting queue by those rather funky looking Kharadron Overlords…


2 Responses to “Royalty of Tzeentch!”

  1. 5 on Friday: 24/03/17 – No Rerolls Says:

    […] Royalty of Tzeentch @ A Tabletop Gamer’s Diary – I have decided that I do want to start an Age of Sigmar army, but I’m still undecided on exactly which one.  Article like these are both helpful and… well… not.  So many lovely models from all of the different armies make this decision a lot trickier than it should be!  I really like what the author of this article has done with Tzeentch.  The characters look great, as do the infantry.  My favourite model there is probably The Curseling.  Good job! […]

  2. Marc Says:

    attaining a very high standard with your painting, given through-put.

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