Skavenblight Scramblers

I have been managing to keep the Blood Bowl releases on a low key roll, and this weekend I managed to finish off the Skavenblight Scramblers:


Overall, I am quite happy with how these little rats turned out. I more or less followed the paint scheme from the ‘official’ Skavenblight Scramblers, and the models are very nice, especially considering they are snap-together in design.


I started off base coating them Mournfang Brown, with a Tyrant Skull drybrush, but there is not too much need to go heavy on that (as you might with Clanrats) as there is not a great deal of fur on display.


The skin goes on next (Bugmans), then the metal (Leadbelcher and Balthazar), before everything gets drenched in an Agrax wash.


Then it is just a case of doing the highlights and clothing. Black (with Skavenblight Dinge highlight) is predominant, along with the green trimmings and armour (Warpstone Green, followed by Moot Green – no wash needed here).


The red spot colours are just Mephiston, Agrax and Evil Sunz.


I was unusually efficient and did the Rat Ogre at the same time. Despite criticisms of this model in the various forums, it really does look better in real life – not awesome, but better.


The green colour scheme works particularly well on a larger model, I think.


Finally, I also ‘popped in’ Varag Ghoulchewer. Nothing to do with Skaven, of course, but as a single model he was really quick to do in the colours of the Gouged Eye team, as detailed in the Blood Bowl rulebook.


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  1. 5 on Friday: 07/04/17 – No Rerolls Says:

    […] Skavenblight Scramblers @ A Tabletop Gamer’s Diary – More painting!  This time, a look at a painted Skaven team for Blood Bowl.  I do love Blood Bowl, and my chosen team in recent years has been Skaven (using the miniatures from Black Scorpion), so I’m always enthused to see cool teams.  This team uses a simple colour scheme that work really well and the author goes through the techniques used in their painting.  Great stuff!  I’ve linked this blog before for painting articles.  I think it’s definitely time to subscribe! […]

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