Battle Report – Slay the Prophet

The Bonesplitterz have well and truly burst into the Mortal Realms. They had a bash at the Seraphon last time, and now they are going to have a go against the Bloodbound…


The Story So Far

While chasing herds of Gruntas, Wurrgg Prophet Gurkak Weirdteef and his warclan stormed through the Gnarlgate and into the Realm of Life. However, they had been followed…

Baudrax the Hunter, leader of a Brass Stampede of Khorne, had been chasing the Bonesplitterz, intending to exact vengeance upon them for poaching the lives of beasts that belonged to the Blood God. As the Brass Stampede thundered towards him, Gurkak Weirdteef panicked somewhat and desperately tried to reopen the Gnarlgate so more of his warclan could get through and reinforce those who had followed him. However, the arrival of Baudrax and the blessings of the Blood God ensured the Realmgate remained still.

The Brass Stampede began to ride over the Bonesplitterz, and Baudrax saw his chance. If he could reach the Wurrgog Prophet before more Orruks arrived, he would claim a worthy skull indeed for his master.


The Forces

As the Bonesplitterz are still a fairly new army for us, we are keeping things small and tight (don’t worry, that will change in the next battle, and we have some truly stonking Orruk-based battles planned for the near future!) on both sides. Both armies have strong cavalry themes, so expect a lot of movement in this fight!

Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (Baudrax the Hunter)
Mighty Skullcrushers x 12 (one unit of 6, two units of 3)
Chaos Knights x 10 (two units of 5)
Chaos Chariot

The Khorne force has a full Brass Stampede in this army, ably assisted by two units of Chaos Knights. Should be fast and fun! On top of that, we have just got hold of the new Blades of Khorne book, so we will be giving those rules a whirl too.

Wurgog Prophet (Gurkak Weirdteef)
Wardokk x 2
Maniak Weirdnobs x 4
Morboys x 20
Boarboy Maniaks x 20 (two units of 10)

We are continuing with using the Bonesplitterz Battalions, with two types we have not yet tried. These are the Kop Rukk (Wardokks and Savage Morboys, who get bonuses to wound rolls and increased chances of casting spells) and two Snaga Rukks (Boarboy Maniaks led by Maniak Weirdnobs, who can charge in the hero phase, and can dish out mortal wounds when they do). Together, these Battalions will be able to kick out a lot of magic against the Bloodbound.


The Battleplan

In this Battleplan (Slay the Prophet), the Bonesplitterz are set up first in the centre of the battlefield, with just the Wurrgog Prophet and two units, in a place of power. The Bloodbound then deploy with three of their units.

So long as the Wurrgog Prophet stays in his place of power, he cannot be attacked at a range further than 6″ (not an issue for Bloodbound) and he may also have attacks safely diverted away from him by Gorkamorka.

Both armies will receive reinforcements throughout the battle, the Bloodbound getting three units every round (we will be allowing destroyed units to be recycled), while the the Bonesplitterz receive one unit on their first round, two on their second, and so on.

The Bonesplitterz gain a major victory if they ever have more than twice the number of units on the battlefield than the Bloodbound. The Bloodbound gain a major victory if they managed to slay the Wurrgog Prophet.

In addition, both armies pick one unit in their force for a special rule. The Bonesplitterz have a bodyguard unit for the Wurrgog Prophet, who can take wounds in place of him, while the Bloodbound pick a unit to assassinate the Wurrgog Prophet, gaining +1 to wound rolls made against him.

Both units automatically pass battleshock trests.



Wurrgg Prophet Gurkak Weirdteef knew he was in trouble immediately. Only a group of Morboys and Boarboy Maniaks were close to hand, and the Skullcrushers of Baudrax the Hunter were already thundering towards him. Sticking close to the Realmgate, he fervently hoped the rest of his boys would arrive soon.


Battle Round One

It was about to get worse. Baudrax rode forward, the Skullcrushers either side of him causing the ground to shake with their iron hooves and, behind them, more Skullcrushers arrived, flanked by Khornate Chaos Knights.


Seeing their prey huddled around the Realmgate, the Skullcrushers did not hesitate and, led by Baudrax, they crashed into the Morboys thronging around their Wurrgog Prophet.


As promised by Gurkak Weirdteef, the warpaint the Morboys had covered themselves with before the battle proved sufficient protection against the Juggernauts, and only two Orruks were mercilessly ridden down by the Skullcrushers. However, the warpaint proved less effective against the glaives of the Skullcrushers and Baudrax’s axe, and more than a dozen were hacked down as they barely scratched the Juggernauts. The few remaining Morboys broke, and ran, leaving their Prophet to his fate.


Preparing himself for a real fight, Gurkak Weirdteef opened his mouth to unleash a mighty warcry, fuelled by the power of Gorkamorka himself, but something went wrong and nothing more than a pathetic mewling left his lips. With some chagrin, the Prophet instead opted to throw a Mystic Shield over himself.

The Boarboy Maniaks were made of stronger stuff than the Morboys, and they whooped with glee as they urged their mounts onwards, surrounding one of the Skullcrusher units.


One Skullcrusher went down to their initial attack, and though they managed to slay one Boarboy Maniak and his pig, they were completely unprepared for the boars to surge forward again, wiping the Skullcrushers out.

As more Boarboy Maniaks arrived on the battlefield, Gurkak Weirdteef dared to hope he might yet be saved from the axe of Baudrax the Hunter.


Battle Round Two

However, Baudrax had not become the leader of a Brass Stampede by being fooled by simple Orruks. He ordered the closest unit of Skullcrushers to loop round the Realmgate, and cut the Prophet off from the newly arrived Boarboy Maniaks.


By now, the second wave of Brass Stampede had advanced and was now ready to launch itself into the fight.


As more Skullcrushers and a Gorebeast Chariot arrived, Baudrax turned his Juggernaut around and retreated, to the jeers of Gurkak Weirdteef. However, the Khorne Lord had a plan, and he did not intend to lower himself to the catcalls of a Bonesplitter.


With a gesture of his axe, Baudrax gave the order to close in around the Bonesplitterz, and his Skullcrushers and Knights obeyed with a precision that would have impressed a Stormcast Eternal. The Bonesplitterz near the Realmgate were now almost completely surrounded and becoming rapidly fewer in number.


The Boarboy Maniaks bore the brunt of the attack, with three of them crushed by the initial charge of the Skullcrushers alone. The rest put up a brave fight, but were completely outmatched, and were slaughtered by gleeful Chaos Knights. Gurkak Weirdteef survived, with just a scratch from the glaive of a Skullcrusher.

Though he was now alone, Gurkak Weirdteef smiled to himself, for he had seen a way out. The noose Baudrax had thrown around him was not complete, and if he could reach his reinforcements, he could skulk in the nearby Sylvaneth Woods until the rest of his warclan turned up.

However, Baudrax the Hunter was not done.

Calling upon the power of Khorne, Baudrax offered a Blood Tithe, and was rewarded with his Chaos Knights being filled with a Murderlust. Enraged by the power of the Blood God, the Chaos Knights pushed their steeds hard, and closed off the Prophet’s escape route.


Gurkak Weirdteef was now in real trouble. He tried to unleash another Warcry at the Chaos Knights, but Gorkamorka was not granting that power this day. The Prophet instead hastily threw a Mystic Shield around himself… and ran.


The Chaos Knights had left the tiniest of gaps in their line, and Gurkak Weirdteef took advantage of it. However, this route took him straight past Baudrax the Hunter, and he desperately hoped the Lord of Khorne had not seen him.

More Boarboy Maniaks arrived, but though they raced as fast as their boars could carry them, they were far from their Prophet.


Seeing that they could not reach Gurkak Weirdteef, the closest unit of Boarboy Maniaks ploughed into the Chaos Knights, tying up both them and the largest group of Skullcrushers in the hope that they could at least buy their Prophet more time.


Three Boarboy Maniaks were slain in the swords and axes of the Chaos Knights, but they managed to get one of Khorne’s warriors in return. More importantly, the Chaos Knights were now fixated on them, and not the Prophet.


Battle Round Three

Gurkak Weirdteef was now running for his life, and Baudrax the Hunter now revealed himself for the cunning tactician he was. Though all his men were engaged with the Bonesplitterz, his earlier retreat now pout him in the perfect position to chase down the Prophet.


The Lord of Khorne rode forwards, his Juggernaut knocking the Wurrgog Prophet to the ground.


Gurkak Weirdteef had just enough time to look upwards as he lay on his back, to see Baudrax’s axe descending upon his neck.

A worthy skull indeed had been claimed in Khorne’s name this day.



Now, that was an interesting battle – and, in the end, it all came down to the new Blood Tithe rules in the Blades of Khorne book (this battle was played a week too late for the Bonesplitterz!).

This was always going to be a tough battle for the Orruks, as they have to cede ground while holding up Khorne units (and Juggernauts at that!), making sure the Prophet is safe. And that was exactly what was happening, right up to the point that a Blood Tithe was declared in the Bonesplitterz own hero phase, and Murderlust allowed a unit of Chaos Knights to rush forward and cut the Prophet off from his reinforcements. Had they not done that, the Prophet could have run back towards his Boarboy Maniaks, who would then advance and cut off any approach (they would die, but the Bonesplitterz get more and more reinforcements every round, so they could afford that loss).

There was a second chance for the Prophet to make a break, if only the Bonesplitterz had won first turn in the third round but, again, it was not to be.

However, it was a great battle and a worthy victory for Khorne!


The Story Continues…

As we are now up to speed on the Bonesplitterz, we are next going to try a battle that involves the whole warclan – against the best the Stormcasts can muster!


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