Heavy Hitters of Tzeentch

This weekend, I managed to finish all my new Tzeentch models – almost.

The Big Guy is a Lord of Change, and this is a model I really quite like.


I followed the Duncan Method on this one, following the directions on Warhammer TV, and there is a moment you get to when working through it when you suddenly realise ‘oh, is that it done?’ as a lot of the larger sections are done together right at the end (the armour, gold and sword).


I mentioned that I had almost finished my Tzeentch force reinforcements – I also have a mostly done Kairos Fateweaver on my painting table, but I did not quite get to completing him. Hopefully a little later this week (as I want to reserve the long weekend for getting the Stormcast Vanguard done, so I can be ready for the new Duardin!).


Kairos is mostly done, just really need to do the gold bits, gems, and staff.

The Lord of Change was not the only daemonic addition:


From the initial range of Tzeentch models (before the latest wave of releases), the Herald on Burning Chariot was the only one I did not have, and I was not massively interested in getting one. I am not that bad for having to collect everything…


However, I snapped one up cheap, and he really is very easy to paint (once I remembered how I had done my other Screamers!).

Finally, on the daemonic side, I also grabbed the new Changeling.


For this chap, I pretty much used the painting guide that comes with his instructions. The gold work around the hood and tabard can be a bit fiddly but, other than that, he is quite an easy model to do.


With the daemons done (mostly), it was time to go back to the Arcanites, and I finally got round to adding some Skyfires and Enlightened.


Nine of them, in fact!


All the Tzaangors were done in the same way as those on foot – they have a little more ornamentation, but not so much that it makes a big difference to the painting time.


For the discs, I pretty much followed the painting guide in the instructions and White Dwarf, and then just did variations on those themes to make them all a bit different fom one another.

And finally…



He has nothing to do with Tzeentch of course, but he was sitting all on his own in his box, and so I threw him into the mix. Again, I just followed the painting guide in the instructions, and he was completed really, really quickly (ignoring drying time, there is probably less than twenty minutes’ work in this one.

I do have one other Tzeentch model on the painting table right now, an almost complete War Shrine. Hoping to get that done this week as well, so I can free up my weekend for other projects…


2 Responses to “Heavy Hitters of Tzeentch”

  1. Marc Says:

    good grief … I’m like a stuck record I know … but you did all this during one weekend … and to this standard?
    I have a boggling mind …

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