Kairos Fateweaver

I don’t normally do posts on a single model but I have made an exception this time because a) the drying time on my Tzeentchian Warshrine meant it won’t be finished for another day, and b) I quite like my Kairos Fateweaver. Think I have done alright with it!


For this model, unlike the Lord of Change I did a short while ago, I did not avail myself of the Church of Duncan on Warhammer TV, but instead used the guide in White Dwarf. This had the advantage of using slightly different colours which, along with the different pose and staff of Kairos, further serves to separate him from the Lord of Change if both are on the battlefield at the same time (woe betide the enemy they face that day!).


Two notes on the painting guide in White Dwarf – first off, it heavily suggests that the gold work is one of the first things you do after the skin and feathers. However, after having followed Duncan on the Lord of Change, I knew it would be much better if it were left until near the end. Make the gold one of the last things you do on Kairos, and you will be a much happier bunny.


Second, the painting guide in White Dwarf is not complete. There are a few little details that are not covered, such as the horns on the wing ridges or the cover of the book on the staff that might catch you out – just as you think you are about finished with the model, you will see there are still some things to do. Not a massive problem, but could be a bit demoralising if it catches you unawares!


I quite like the effect I managed to achieve on the wings, and it is one of the features that really makes Kairos stand out from A N Other Lord of Change. No blending involved here, just stippling with a diluted (very important) wash over the top to bring all the colours together, as shown in White Dwarf. The colours you end up using towards the edges are a lot lighter than you might expect (Kislev Flesh), and despite my normal reticence for using Lahmia Medium to dilute paint (it is a hassle), it is really needed here.

As I said earlier, I also have nearly finished the Warshrine, so expect piccies of that very soon, and my big aim this long weekend is to more or less complete my Stormcast Vanguard. That is about 50 models and, despite them being very easy to paint (Hallowed Knights have a very quick-to-do colour scheme), I am not entirely sure I will get all the cavalry done. However, the main part should be doable, putting my (for once) in a good position to crack straight onto the new army as it is released – the Kharadron Overlords!


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  1. Marc Says:

    great stuff

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