Warshrine of Tzeenth

…and my forces of Tzeentch are complete. For now, at least.

Last night, the Warshrine of Tzeentch got completed.


This is a model that has been on my ‘to do’ list for over a year, so it feels quite good to finally get it done. In fact, I had actually picked up five (five!) Warshrines, with the intention of getting one done for each power (plus one unaligned/Everchosen), and this now means I have Tzeentch, Nurgle and the unaligned ones done. I am in no hurry to do Slaanesh, but I now have a hankering to get the Khorne one done, especially as I have a spare Slaughterpriest who would be just perfect as a rider.


For the Tzeentch Warshrine, I simply used an old metal Chaos Sorcerer, who works quite well with the actual shrine moved forward and the book placed on it rather than the axe.


For colours, I basically used the same scheme as the rest of my Tzeentchian Slaves to Darkness, but I allowed colours from the Arcanites to appear too, such as the skin of the bearers (same as Tzaangors), the off-white robes of the sorcerer and the green on the Tzeentchian symbol.

And that all means my forces of Tzeentch are (finally) done (we’ll ignore the ten Kairic Acolytes that came with Hammerhal for now, but they are destined to create a third unit for the Arcanites)!

The next week is going to be all about the Stormcast Vanguard Chamber, and I have a fancy that I can get them all done before the Kharadron Overlords land on my desk, meaning I can get cracking with the new models immediately. However, if that is going to happen, I have to start the Vanguard, well, right now, so I’ll bid you farewell…


3 Responses to “Warshrine of Tzeenth”

  1. Byron Says:

    Simply beautiful ! The book idea is perfect. What s model.

  2. searchingfordragonsblog Says:

    I love it. I’m currently wrestling with the Yncarnae. I love the model, but the Warhammer TV paint job seems I don’t know.. not frightening enough. The cover art of The Gathering Storm is the direction I want to go. But I’m struggling with color choices. I want the black and blue of it but just not sure how to get the effect. Any recommendations?

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