Battle Report – Horns of the Beast

We have been having some fun with the Bonesplitterz, but now they have drawn their entire Warclan together, as they are hunting that most difficult of prey – Stardrakes within a full formation of Stormcast Eternals!


The Story So Far

High above the Clawspine Expanse in the Realm of Beasts, the Stormcasts of the Hallowed Knights Extremis Chamber marched along a magical path of stardust created by the wizards of Azyrheim, a feat that required no little bargaining with the Collegiate Arcane. The Orruks below were completely unaware of the Stormcasts crossing the sky – all except the Wurrgog Prophet. He wanted to slay their starbeasts and, puzzling how to get to the Stormcasts, the Prophet finally settled on a plan.

He would ask Gorkamorka to blow up the sky.

As the Stormcasts began passing over a huge volcano within the Clawspine Expanse, the Wurrgog Prophet called out a mighty ‘waaagh!’ to the spirit of the mountain. The volcano erupted violently, hurling lurid emerald flames and burning boulders into the heavens. The star road was bombarded, and began to drift to the ground.

Masses of bellowing Orruks were waiting for the Stormcasts as they descended, all eager to claim a starbeast for themselves.


The Forces

As far as the Bonesplitterz are concerned, we are (literally) putting everything on the table for this one – every Bonesplitterz Orruk in the collection, using every Battalion they qualify for.

Wurgog Prophet
Big Boss x 2
Wardokk x 2
Maniak Weirdnobs x 4
Boarboys x 10
Savage Orruks x 40 (two units of 20)
Arrowboys x 20
Big Stabbas x 2
Morboys x 20
Boarboy Maniaks x 20 (two units of 10)

The Warclan has truly come out in force, with no less than six Battalions being fielded! The Extremis Chamber is always a very, very powerful enemy to face, but the Bonesplitterz are massing in force, and have just the right tools to deal with the Stradrakes. Could this be the first defeat of the Stormcast Extremis?

Stormcast Eternals
Lord-Celestant on Stardrake
Drakesworn Templar
Fulminators x 4 (two units of 2)
Tempestors x 4 (two units of 2)
Concussors x 4 (two units of 2)
Desolators x 4 (two units of 2)

The full Lightning and Thunder Echelons are being used in this force, making it mightily potent. However, the actual unit sizes are small, and if the Bonesplitterz can isolate units and finish them off quickly, they stand a good chance of claiming a Stardrake! However, if things go a little pear-shaped for the Stormcasts, they can take advantage of Sigmar’s Aid, and bring some Liberators, Judicators and Paladins down in the latter stage of the battle.


The Battleplan

This is a huge mash up, with the Orruks wanting to bag themselves every Stardrake and Dracoth they can see, and the Stormcasts having no choice but to defend themselves. So, this will be a fight to the death, ending with the total destruction of one army or the other (or until it becomes obvious that one cannot win).

As always, there are issues.

The Bonesplitterz Snaga Rukk does not have to be set up at the start of the battle, and can march round the left or right side of the battlefield to arrive in the second round.

In addition, the Bonesplitterz are trying to hold the Stormcasts in place, and so those near the Wurrgog Prophet do not have to take battleshock tests and can re-roll charges in the first round, while the Stormcasts can re-roll charges and hit rolls close to their general, again in the first round.



The Bonesplitterz deployed in a long line, stretching across almost the entire battlefield. For their part, the Stormcasts deployed in a much tighter formation, the better to concentrate their attacks on a single point, though the Drakesworn Templar led half of the Thunder Echelon in a diversionary attack that the Lord-Celestant would hope stop the Orruks from simply closing around his much smaller force.


He was also very much aware that the Snaga Rukk had already departed the battlefield and was already making great strides across his right flank.


Battle Round One

The Wardokks capered around the rear lines of the Bonesplitterz, their dances greatly accelerating the magic flowing around the Weirdnob Maniaks and Wurrgog Prophet. At the bidding of the Prophet, a spectral image of Gorkamorka shimmered into existence over the Bonesplitterz, drawing gasps of awe from the Orruks. He reached down with one hand and scooped up the Boarboys, depositing them within striking distance of the diversionary component of the Thunder Echelon.


Then with his other hand, Gorkamorka picked up a unit of Savage Orruks and carried them over the Sylvaneth Woods, to drop them in front of the rest of the Stormcasts.


The rest of the Bonesplitterz ran as fast as they could, dismayed that Gorkamorka had not chosen them to lead the attack.

At the urging of the Wurrgog Prophet, the Arrow Boys skipped forward and showered the Tempestors with a volley of arrows that temporarily blocked the sunlight. However, the ever vigilant Fulminators of the Lightning Echelon were close by, and their glaives spun in bright circles that deflected all but a single arrow.

With a bellow, the Savage Orruks and Boarboys ploughed into the closest Stormcasts, determined to forge a path to the Stradrakes in a single gutsy attack.


The Boarboys managed to land a few light blows on the scales of the Dracoths, but otherwise proved a poor match for the Stormcasts.


A little further away, the Savage Orruks leapt into battle against the Lightning Echelon and fared even worse. No Dracoths, nor their riders, were killed, and over a dozen Orruks lay dead within seconds. This proved too much for some of them, and five more ran from the battlefield, desperate to find safety.


Satisfied that the Bonesplitterz initial attack was now held in check, the Lord-Celestant ordered the rest of his forces forwards, hoping to deliver a crippling blow before the maddened Snaga Rukk arrived in the battlefield. Meteors rained down upon the Orruks from the heavens, crushing one careless Wardokk.


As Concussors finished off the Boarboys and Fulminators skewered the Savage Orruks who had engaged them, the Drakesworn Templar goaded his Stardrake on towards the Bonesplitterz main line. However, despite many attempts, he could not persuade the Stardrake to charge into their ranks. It took him a few seconds to spot what had spooked his mount – the Bonesplitterz had positioned Big Stabbas behind Savage Orruks, and they had already marked the Stardrake as their first target.


Battle Round Two

The initiative the Bonesplitterz had gained earlier on had been completely robbed by their stalled assault, and the Stormcasts quickly took advantage of it. As the Dracoths advanced, they opened their maws to release a crackling wave of lightning that fried some of the Arrow Boys, even as meteors continued to rain down from the sky, this time badly wounding a Big Boss.

Then, as one, the Dracothian Guard advanced at a trot, aiming to ride down every Orruk they could reach.


Though the Big Stabbas still lurked behind the Savage Orruks, the Drakesworn Templar was too close and too committed to retreat. Ordering Concussors to follow him, he ploughed into the Savage Orruks, hoping to finish them off and reach the Big Stabbas before the Bonesplitterz could react.


Seeing the danger, the Lord-Celestant cursed his Drakesworn Templar, and dove in, pushing the other Stardrake to one side. This caused the Templar to miss with his Stormlance, and the Lord-Celestant only clobbered two Orruks with his Celestine Hammer. However, the Stardrakes and Dracoths were decidedly hungry, and they swallowed or simply tore apart nine Orruks between them, gouging a huge hole in the Bonesplitterz line.

However, it was not enough and two Big Stabba teams were close enough to rush forward, even as the surviving Savage Orruks streamed passed them in an effort to escape the Stormcasts.


The Templar’s Stardrake roared in pain as their Big Teef punched through its chestplate with ease, dealing two deep wounds.

On the other side of the Numinous Occulum, Desolators joined Fulminators as they rode into the mass of Arrow Boys in front of them.


The Arrowboys had been watching the Fulminators since the beginning of the battle, and they were ready to receive the charge. The Fulminators were quickly bogged down in their assault, but the Orruks had not spotted the Desolators also closing in, and their big axes hewed heads from shoulders as Dracoths tore apart what was left. The Arrow Boys could not withstand that assault and they too broke from the battle and ran.


Casting his eye across the battlefield, the Wurrgog Prophet could see that he had lost four units of his boys, but he did not overly care – he could see the Stardrakes had been pulled into the perfect position and the Big Stabbas were ready to strike.

Organising his Wardokks and Weirdnob Maniaks, the Prophet ordered them to pool their magic. Arcane Bolts flew at the Drakesworn Templar in volleys, each one finding its mark, even as a Weirdnob Maniak began to break the bones of the beast.


From the corner of his eye, however, the Wurrgog Prophet could see the rest of the Dracothian Guard, and the Hand of Gork appeared once more, this time to scoop up the Prophet and deposit him nearer the Big Stabbas.


The Teef Rukk was now close enough to hear his commands, and the Prophet ordered them to bring down the Stardrake of the Drakesworn Templar. The first Big Stabba team rushed in, but bounced off its chestplate.


However, further threats from the Prophet saw the Big Stabbas recover, and they once again hurled themselves at the Stardrake, this time wounding it badly.

A great chorus of bellows shook the battlefield then, as the Snaga Rukk arrived, covering the last portion of their rush forward by the cover of Sylvaneth Woods.


Heedless of the spirits of the woods, the Snaga Rukk ploughed onwards, quickly finding the Tempestors and Fulminators of the Lightning Echelon. With a maniak fury, they piled in, overwhelming two Fulminators and a Tempestor, for the loss of only a couple of pigs.


The Big Stabbas rallied once more and rammed their Big Teef home, driving their weapons deep into the heart of the Templar’s Stardrake. The great beast roared in pain, and then burst into starlight that shot up towards the Celestial Realm. Though cheated of their bones, this feat energised the entire Bonesplitterz force, even as it dealt the Stormcasts a terrible blow to their morale.

Invigorated by the escaping spirit of the Stardrake, the Big Boss leapt forward, determined to claim a Dracoth by himself.


The Concussors were having none of his heroics, however, and a single swing of their hammers knocked the Big Boss to the ground, where he lay still. Seeing the Lord-Celestant would be the next target of the Big Stabbas, the Concussors then performed they well-trained Ruinous Assault, leaping the short distance to the Big Stabbas, braining each Orruk.

However, Bonesplitterz are tougher than the average Orruk and, as they died, they hurled their Big Teef in high arcs to pierce the scales of the Lord-Celestant’s Stardrake.


Battle Round Three

The Bonesplitterz could sense weakness now, and they scrambled to claim the advantage. One Stardrake had already been killed, halving the number of monsters the Stormcasts had within their force, and the Stardrake of the Lord-Celestant was already wounded. Further more, the Snaga Rukk had performed well, and was threatening to completely collapse the Stormcast’s right flank.


The Lord-Celestant reared up in the back of his Stardrake, and once again the Wurrgog Prophet directed his wizards to focus their energies on the beast. A Weirdnob Maniak and Wardokk both hurled Arcane Bolts that struck home, but every other Orruk wizard were too excited at the prospect of felling another monster that they fumbled their castings.

Undaunted, the Prophet bellowed at the nearby Morboys, and they redoubled their efforts against the Fulminators who had helped see off the Arrow Boys, pulling the Stormcasts off their Dracoths.

The Snaga Rukk had built up a huge momentum, and they continued rolling up the Stormcasts’ right flank, hammering the Tempestors before Desolators reigned their Dracoths in and counterattacked, felling four of the Boarboy Maniaks.


Overcome with giddiness from the slaying of the first Stardrake, a Weirdnob Maniak wove through Orruk and Stormcast to charge into the Lord-Celestant. So unnerved was his Stardrake at this furious attack, it reared up and tried to avoid the staff and boar of the Weirdnob, who repeatedly battered away at the beast.


The battle stood on a knife edge, and the Lord-Celestant cursed as he was forced to retreat from the Weirdnob Maniak’s frenzied attacks, knowing his battered and bruised Stardrake could not stand much more punishment. However, he yelled orders to his Dracothian Guard, and they manouevred to engage the remaining Bonesplitterz – one last push could break the back of the warclan, so long as they could keep their own formations intact.


By now, Concussors had reached the Snaga Rukk and, alongside the surviving Tempestors and Desolators, their hammers made short work of the Boarboy Maniaks, smashing aside Orruk and boar alike.


Meanwhile, the rest of the Thunder Echelon moved on the Morboys, catching them in a well-timed pincer.


Under the heavy axes and hammers of the Dracothian Guard, the Morboys had few chances, and the small number of survivors ran as fast as they could to get away from the Dracoths.

Their leaders, led by the Wurrgog Prophet himself, had already seen what was happening and they led the retreat from the battlefield.

The Stormcast Eternals had won the battle, but the Bonesplitterz had inflicted heavy losses, with one Stardrake and almost all of the Lightning Echelon sent back to Azyr.



That was a hell of a battle, and not one that the Stormcasts could claim was easy. The Bonesplitterz made serious account of themselves – they not only killed the Stardrake of the Drakesworn Templar, but also reduced the Stardrake of the Lord-Celestant to a single wound (which was why he ran so fast from the lone Weirdnob Maniak. Too much to risk!).

However, the Extremis Chamber continues to prove their worth when unleashed. The Bonesplitterz may have diverted them from their mission, but the Orruks certainly paid the price for that.


The Story Continues…

We have introduced the Bonesplitterz to the Mortal Realms, and next time we will be showcasing yet another new force – hold onto your boots, for these guys of Destruction have a much heavier footfall than mere Orruks!


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  1. Marc Says:

    good as ever, but still wish you could click on the pics for larger versions.

    • altsain Says:

      Did look into this, but it would cause storage problems down the road for the size of files (I am a bit cheap on that front, still using the free version of WordPress!).

  2. Cyph Says:

    Hey altsain,

    Question, random question – do you just do all this stuff as narrative play, or is it matched play at all?

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