The Vanguard Chamber Opens!

This weekend, the Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber was opened (as it turns out, it was open all along, we had just not noticed until now), with the arrival of the Stormcast Vanguards – Hunters, Raptors, and a few beasties.


The Original Plan was to get all of these done, with Aquilor and six Palladors, last weekend but, as it turned out, that was a Big Ask and didn’t pan out – a second weekend was needed to get through these 50-odd miniatures, and the Palladors are about halfway done.


Part of the problem was that I had assumed that Vanguard = Stormcasts = Quick and Easy. After all, Vanguard are pretty much the same as Liberators… except they are not. They are a fair bit more fiddly to put together, and those crossbows and cloaks, while not a massive pain, all add to the workload.

So, Vanguard are a bit slower than Liberators to do.


I had hummed and harred about putting these guys into units of 10 but, in the end, I stuck to the units of 5, as with the rest of the Stormcast – it did not make much sense for these sneaky/scouty guys to be in larger groups than the main battle line. So, I went with two each of swords and axes (the way theĀ Vanguard break down)


The Raptors just had to be added as well, as these guys look positively lethal. I did three units of them, two with the Longstrike Crossbows (which look to be just plain rude on the battlefield) and one of the Hurricane Crossbows.


I think these guys have the potential to really ruin someone’s day.

The Stormcast Vanguard seem to like their animals, so nine Aetherwings went into the mix, each sporting a different colour scheme.


I used the Battletome as a guide, mostly, for their colourations, and now I have nine angry pigeons to harass the enemy with. Because of their different colours, these birds actually take a bit longer than you might think, and care has to be taken with their tresses around the branch they are based on.


Also, they tend to ‘waggle’ a lot on their mounts, which is probably good during gameplay, as there is a lot of give if they are accidentally knocked, but makes painting a bit more ‘interesting’!


And, finally, some Gryph-Hounds – a couple of box sets worth, plus the odd doggie from other packs, such as the Lord-Castellant from the Hammerhal set. A decent pack by anyone’s measurement!

As I said, I have the Palladors and Aquilor about half done on the painting table right now, and I have also added a couple of things that have been sitting on the shelf for a while now, waiting to get done. Might be a bit much expecting them to get done this week, but by the end of next weekend certainly – leaving the way clear for the Kharadron Overlords!


One Response to “The Vanguard Chamber Opens!”

  1. Byron Says:

    I think these guys have the potential to really ruin someone’s day.

    Indeed! The pigeons and gryph hounds are wonderful. What a neat couple of units. Can’t wait to hear about them pecking out the dredded chaos.

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