Gryph-Chargers, Larry the Lizard and Real Estate

I had originally planned to do these guys, the Vanguard-Palladors, with the rest of the Vanguard Chamber but, with 50-odd models already in that ‘batch’, that proved to be a little too ambitious. Still, managed to do them over the long weekend, and now the Vanguard Chamber is complete!


The Vanguard-Palladors are not too much of a hassle to do, despite being fairly large models. Get the Gryph-Chargers done first (I used a painting guide on Youtube, using a mostly Doombull Brown base for their fur), and then you just have the Stormcasts on top to polish off – simples!


While painting these models, I started to get the distinct feeling that the pose of the Gryph-Chargers was one of ‘Me first, me first, got to be me first!’

Whereas the Gryph-Charger of the Lord-Aquilor was more…


‘I is a pretty Gryph-Charger.’

I might be starting to lose it…

This was not all I managed to get done over the weekend, however. I finally managed to get some models done that had been sitting around for a good while, either just undercoated or with only a single base coat applied. First up, a Basilisk from Forge World:


I shamelessly ripped this colour scheme off someone else’s (you can find it yourself if you just Google ‘Forge World Basilisk’ and while theirs is way much better, it works even for my meagre skills.


No plans to use him in campaign battles as yet, but I quite like the model and wanted it done sooner rather than later. Splitting the Vanguard Chamber into two ‘batches’ let me squeeze him in nicely.


Some new terrain was also completed, the first being a ruined tower for Age of Sigmar – a Dreadstone Blight if I recall correctly (this model is no longer produced by GW).


Once the brickwork is done, this is a really easy and quick model to do, but it had just been sitting around on a worktop for ages, waiting for the final detail.


The same applied for the Balweind Vortex and Magewrath Throne, though both had only the Danwstone base colour done, and I changed that for the Vortex this weekend, making the stone dark green and more ‘spooky’.


These are nice little models that can be inserted into any game of Age of Sigmar, and the Balewind Vortex is always good for the Power Gamer that resides in all of us.


I had planned to do the Kharadron Overlords next, but have found myself somewhat diverted by a little clutch of Blood Bowl Star Players and, for reasons that currently defy me, the models from the Execution Force box set. No idea why I started those, I just picked up the box set over the weekend and thought ‘you know, there are only 24 models in this set – can’t be too hard to do’.

So, they are well on their way now, and I hope to polish them off this weekend (and have a game soon after). After that, the Kharadron Overlords will be on the table.

Or the Freeguild. Maybe the Freeguild.


2 Responses to “Gryph-Chargers, Larry the Lizard and Real Estate”

  1. Marc Says:

    great stuff as ever.
    looking forward to seeing your work on the KOs …

  2. tinpotrevolutionary Says:

    Fantastic miniatures and great paint jobs done on them to boot! I particularly like the basilisk.

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