Blood Bowl Big Guys

I  am not on a serious track for Blood Bowl (still have yet to actually physically play the new edition, though I am up to speed on the Xbox version…), but I am more or less keeping pace with painting the new releases – I am generally two teams behind the releases, which is okay by me.

This weekend, I did some ‘tidying up’ by painting some of the big guys and star players I have had lying around for a bit (seem to be on a bit of a drive right now to paint up models that have been built and undercoated, but not actually painted).


All these models have been done in Reikland Reavers colours though, with Star Players, that perhaps matters a bit less.

First up are Grak and Crumbleberry, the models available exclusively from Warhammer World.


They seem nice enough, and it is always good to see the little guys on the pitch (however briefly).


And if you have the Reikland Reavers, Griff Oberwald is as much a feature as the Mighty Zug. For such a well known player, the model is very easy to approach (no hassles putting him together, despite multiple resin pieces, and he paints the same as the rest of the team, following the guide in the Blood Bowl rulebook).


The other truly well-known player is Morg ‘n’ Thorg, and there is a suitably impressive miniature from him available via Forge World as well.


Again, despite the size, there really is nothing complicated about this model, especially if you are (more or less) following the Reikland Reavers colour scheme.

Finally, the plastic Ogre, because you can never have too many of the Big Guys.


Painting is a bit odd at the moment because, while I have said the Kharadron Overlords are the next priority, I have really been doing everything but, focussing instead on clearing a ‘backlog’ that has built up. This weekend, I also finished models from a 40k boxed game, which you will see in the next post, and instead of moving onto the Duardin, I currently have some Ungors, Centigors and a Bonegrinder Giant on my painting table (he is mahoosive!).

Might leave the Overlords for when we get a solid block of 40k releases with the new edition which, I think, is a lot closer than many people are expecting…


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