Execution Force

I think, when the Execution Force boxed set was released, many people just grabbed it for the new Assassin models, and then went about their business. I did not even do that.

However, once the boxed sent went out of print, then I started trying to track it down because… well, I am not quite sure I had a good reason, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Auctions on eBay were tough going, as the set typically goes for £60-70 at best (it is still a reasonable deal if you want all four Assassins), and I refused to pay more than an entirely arbitrary £50.

Took three or four months for me to get the set under that rule, but it finally paid off and, this weekend, I polished off the models it comes with.


As GW boxed sets go, this is an easy one to approach in terms of getting everything painted, as there are only 24 models (and 15 of them are mook Cultists).


I did them all more or less together, using Duncan’s guide on Warhammer TV for the Dark Vengeance boxed set (they both use the Crimson Slaughter as the baddies). A couple of points here – first off, the Execution Force boxed set I got hold of was something of an ‘eBay rescue’ in that some of the models were a little broken or badly painted. Not a big deal, but you will see the detail around the helmets of the Chaos Space Marines is a little flat because of the layers of paint.


Second, Crimson Slaughter is a bit of a pain to paint (more metal lining around the armour than on your standard Space Marine) and I think I can safely say I will not be doing an army of these any time soon!

The Chaos Sorcerer turned out quite nicely though.


The Chaos Cultists, on the other hand, were a piece of cake to do – basically basecoat the whole thing in Rhinox Hide, then use three colours (Stegadon Green, Mechanicus Standard, and Mephiston Red) to paint all the fabric, do the metal, wash everything in Agrax, and then pick out the highlights on the fabric (not the metal – keep the weapoons dull and used-looking!).


You also get this Familiar, which is used as a turn counter in the game.


The heroes of the game, however, are the four Assassins – despite being the centre of attention, they will always easy to paint due to the blackness. Spray black, do a couple of drybrushes, and the models are about 90% done!

The Vindicare is always a favourite model, though this one had a snapped barrel when I got it – not that you would notice now.


The Callidus had two snapped arms, which were a bit of a pain to reattach. One thing you may not really get until you handle the model yourself is how thin she is. You will have a decent chance of finding a Space Marine thumb that is thicker than her legs.


The Culexus has very little detail below the neck, other than one strap and a grenade in his hand. However, as his headpiece completely overshadows his body, if you put all your effort into that, no one will notice his body has little more than a drybrush.


And finally, with the most dynamic of the Assassin poses, the brute Eversor.

We are in no rush to play the game, but I imagine we will get a mission or two in soon. I’ll see if I can do a battle report/review which, I am sure, will be very useful for a game that is no longer in print…


2 Responses to “Execution Force”

  1. Taoist-Water Says:

    Well done, looks schmick on the battlefield!

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