Beastly Raiders

Painting is still coming on slowly (the main culprit this week has been World of Tanks, as I have recently got hold of the T67 and am ‘this’ close to finally getting the Chieftain), but progress is being made.


These models are not directly intended for the ongoing campaign, but it is not hard to imagine them popping up sooner or later.


The Centigors are models I have been wanting to do for some time – painted on the same style as Beastmen, they are quick to do but I have just not had an opportunity to chuck them onto the painting table. So, for the past few months they have been sitting on the shelf, based and undercoated, waiting to be done.

And I finally did it!

I still kind of class them as Beastmen, but it should be remembered that they are not part of the Gorherds or Warherds, but instead come under the Monsters of Chaos ‘faction’.


And some more Ungors, this time the raiders with bows. This is another unit I have wanted to do for a while – not because my other Ungors are any good but because I have this theory that they might just get good if they are armed with bows rather than spears…

The Bonegrinder Giant that I am also working on is just about done, and I hope to present that next week. Next project – the Freeguilds (with a touch of Ironweld Arsenal)!


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