Hammer and Anvil: Mantis Warrior Style

The advent of the new 40k has turned my thoughts to new armies but, before I start anything new, I wanted to finish off two units that have been sitting on my painting table for way too long – reinforcements for the Mantis Warriors and the Badab War campaign.


Had some motivation issues getting these finished but, once I put my nose to the grindstone, they really were very quick and easy (they are Space Marines, after all).

While I already have a slightly over-sized Terminator squad, we have some boarding actions coming up in the campaign, and I figured some close combat hard-hitters would be ideal (and, looking at the rules for the new edition, i am glad I went with Thunder Hammers rather than lightning Claws!).


However, the Mantis Warriors are somewhat known for their fast strikes and sudden assaults (being successors to the White Scars, after all), and so I also added some Attack Bikes – a unit of three with Multi-Meltas should provide most armoured vehicles with a little trepidation, at least.


So, what is next for 40k?

Well, I have a little dilemma there…

Ignoring the fact that I really should keep cracking on with my Sigmar armies (the Kharadron Overlords are still in their boxes, though the Freeguild did get some work done on them this weekend), I really could do with adding the Tyrant’s Legion to the Badab War, and I have a hankering to do a brand new army for the new edition – I am thinking Craftworld Eldar (always good for a laugh), starting with a Spirithost.

Then there are the Horus Heresy models I put together this weekend, which got me thinking about doing both Space Wolves and Thousand Sons for a full-blown Prospero campaign…


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