The New 40k – Dark Imperium

Yup, my copy has just arrived, along with oodles of army books!


I have some games set up with the local club, so expect a review – likely this coming Saturday!


2 Responses to “The New 40k – Dark Imperium”

  1. Azazel Says:

    Please give us a one-line mention about Legion of the Damned when you get to reviewing the books – no stats, but they’ve had so many radically different iterations over the years in the rules – are they in there, and if so, can we field one squad? multiple squads? vehicles? characters? A whole force?

    • altsain Says:

      They have the Legionnaire Squad only (though with plenty of weapon options). The big thing is the way you build armies now means that they are super easy to fit into _any_ Imperial army.

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