The New Death Guard

I had hoped to get the Death Guard from the new Dark Imperium set all painted and ready for the ‘pre-order’ day we ran for the local club last Saturday – but that was a pipe dream. However, a few more evenings work, and I ended up with this:


So… it looks like I am doing a Death Guard army as well now…


For the paint scheme, I pretty much used the painting guide in the Dark Imperium set, albeit with Castellan Green as a base rather than Death Guard Green, which is not released until next week.


I also decided to do something new with the bases – using the Stirland Mud textured paint, drybrushed Screaming Skull, with patches of Nurgle’s Rot and tufts of Mordheim Turf. And that, it turned out, was a bit of a chore first time round.


First off, shaking Stirland Mud well is not enough – you need to turn the pot upside and leave it for a bit if you are not going to get just a gloopy mess on your base. It may be another few models before I properly figure out how to use it.


I am not too sure about the Nurgle’s Rot either – seems a bit ‘strong’, but maybe it will grow on me. Either way, that took 2-3 layers to get the effect shown.

Was it all worth it? Yeah, I guess so, not an amazing amount of more hassle and the bases are more interesting than those I have been doing of late for Age of Sigmar and the Mantis Warriors.


As for the models themselves, I am quite liking them, and am looking forward to seeing what GW do with the Death Guard range over the next couple of months (guessing we will see more Primaris Marines first though, as we saw new Stormcasts in the first month of Age of Sigmar, then the Bloodbound followed). The characters are solid, especially the Lord of Contagion.


The Plague Marines are also well-detailed and posed, a real step up from the last models.


The only real misfire in this little group are the Poxwalkers, and that is all about my painting rather than the models themselves. I went quite muted with their colours and, as a result, nothing really stands out,. Then again, that might be just the right approach for the faceless, shambling horde, and I may change my mind if I get some more of them (I assume a box set of them will be following soon enough).

So, that is the Death Guard from the starter set all done. Next up… the Primaris Marines.

But which chapter to pick?



4 Responses to “The New Death Guard”

  1. Dawfydd Kelly Says:

    I’m thinking the Primaris marines are a great excuse to pull my finger out and finally get the Crimson Fists army I’ve had sitting around since 5th painted. Plus it makes sense from the fluff as well! (I may have just finished reading Pharos and Guilleman clearly has a lot of time for Alexus Pollux, so I imagine he’d take an interest in his chapter…)

  2. Primaris Marines of the Flesh Tearers | A Tabletop Gamer's Diary Says:

    […] I have been lucky enough to have been playing the game for these past two weeks and, as well as the Death Guard, I also managed to get the Primaris Marines of the new box set painted […]

  3. Sekkun Says:

    You mentioned the Nurgle’s Rot on the bases was a bit strong for your taste, so, having used this basing method for my Nurgle armies in both 40k and Age of Sigmar, I just wanted to give you a little tip: Before the Nurgle’s Rot, paint some Caliban Green in the puddles. Then apply the Nurgle’s Rot thinly. Not as a dollop of paint but just as a thin coat, let it dry, put on another thin coat. After two or three of these you’ll have a much nicer effect that doesn’t look as strong.

    With this technique you can also cheat a bit, as in, leave a bit of space between the models’ feet and the Stirland Mud, that way you can let them stand *in* the puddles and avoid getting Stirland Mud all over their feet. Sure they’ll have some Nurgle’s Rot over their feet, but that just creates the illusion that their feet are sinking in.

    Just wanted to leave this here as a thank you, because your site is the reason I gave AoS a chance and ended up immensely enjoying both painting and playing my Rotbringers.

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