Review – Index: Imperial Armour

Well, new stuff for Warhammer 40,000 just keeps on coming – this morning, the new Index books for Imperial Armour (Forge World) arrived, covering Forces of Chaos and the Adeptus Astartes.


These books will be of interest for anyone who has a Forge World model or three, and wants to get them into games. I am not going to go into a blow-by-blow of the units in these books, as there have been quite a few leaks already of Datasheets, but I can give more of an overview.


The Astartes book kicks off with some new rules. As befits the new edition, they are quick and light, but get the job done. Previous Index books added the odd Titanic model, but now we have Macro weapons to match. These basically cover all the Really Big Guns you find on the larger Forge World models (though I have yet to find any in the Astartes Datasheets…). Only Titanic models can fire Macro weapons if they move, and no one can overwatch with them. In addition, they double damage against Titanic or Building models (ouch!).

There is also the Relic rule, covering all the really old stuff the Astartes can trot out. This rule I quite like, as it basically says no detachment can contain more Relic units than non-Relic units of the same Battlefield role – which will greatly limit their appearance on the table (which is as it should be).

I can see an issue for our Salamander player, as he has been anxious to get his new Spartan into games. Unfortunately, the Spartan is a Lord of War, and it will not be easy to get that into a force at anything like ‘normal’ points levels (again, as it should be, but I doubt he will see it that way). He should be good with his Deredo Dreadnoughts though.


Units are divided into chapters: Battle Armour (covering the lighter tanks), Heavy Armour (the big stuff like Spartans and Fellblades), Dreadnoughts (from Mortis to the big Leviathans), Strike Craft (flying stuff, from Tempest Landspeeders right up to the Thunderhawk), Battlefield Support (auxiliary stuff like Damocles Rhinos, Tarantulas and Dreadnought Drop Pods), and the Grey Knights, Inquisition, and Sisters get wrapped together in one chapter (even though only one of those is Astartes…).


There are a couple of Appendices, the first of which covers various characters such as Lugft Huron, the Tyrant of Badab (whom I will be painting up soon!).


What is interesting about this chapter is that it features all sorts of characters who have appeared in earlier Imperial Armour books, but many have never had miniatures done for them, such as Lieutenant Commander Anton Narvaez (who, after looking at his Datasheet, I have a suspicion that out Marines Errant player will be building very soon!).

Does this mean we may see models for them in the future (would love it if Forge World returned to the Badab War), or are the guys at Forge World just being nice to those who converted models? Or (and I just raise this as a possibility) did they have pages that needed filling?


After that, just as with the ‘normal’ 40k Index books, you get appendices covering points values and weapon characteristics.

Any big surprises in this book? After the leaks, probably not – though I think our Badab War campaign is going to see a rush for the Relic Whirlwind Scorpius (Heavy 3D3, S6, AP-2, D2, and can be fired twice if the Whirlwind does not move – which it never, ever will…).


The Index covering the Forces of Chaos has the same format, and begins with new rules. Macro Weapons pop up again (and this time they are going to be used, as Chaos forces do possess them), along with Arch-Daemonic Rituals. The latter function in much the same way as the Daemonic Ritual of Index: Chaos, but allow you to roll way more dice in an effort to bring the ‘exalted’ greater daemons to the table. Which will be uch time, as I have already peeked at their Datasheets…


The chapters in this book bring the Daemon Bound (daemon engines, really, like the Plague Hulk and Greater brass Scorpion), the Hellfroged (everything the Loyalists get, but with the Machina Malifica rule, which allows them to heal every time they kill something – who needs Techmarines?), Eyrine Cults (D&D players will get the reference there, this chapter covers everything that flies), Lords of Ruin (a handful of characters), Children of the Warp (actual daemons, from Plague Toads to the ‘exalted’ Greater Daemons), Traitor Questoris (Knights) and Chaos Titans.


After looking at the stats for the Warlord, the Warhound actually seems quite reasonable, with its mere 35 Wounds, 24″ Move (36″ when advancing), and 4+ Void Shields (which work like invulnerable saves, but also work against mortal wounds).

Plenty of Macro weapons on these pages!


Finally, the Appendices cover points values and Wargear, as per usual.

I am not going to go into whether you should pick these books up – if you are into the new edition and have Forge World models, then you will. Hell, at £15 each, you might well be picking them up regardless of whether you have any Forge World models, as the Warlord Titan is a good read for what is ultimately possible in this game.

Regardless, you can be sure to see a few of these units in out battle reports, especially as we continue exploring the events of the Badab War!


2 Responses to “Review – Index: Imperial Armour”

  1. beastsofnurgle Says:

    Hey man, could you tell me if the renegades and heretics (traitor guard) are in the Chaos book? Cheers

    • Sr Dies Says:

      The traitor guard will be in the ‘Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum’ book from FW. I guess this way they do not have to copy again all the dataslates of the IG tanks, and it will be an easier book to use.

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