Sector Imperialis Objectives

Didn’t get these done quite as quickly as I had hoped, but the Objectives released for the new edition of 40k are finally done!


None of these were particularly complicated and you can get through them at quite a rapid pace, even if you have other projects on the trot.


I won’t go through them all, but will just highlight some favourites. This is the first, the 40k equivalent of a doctor, complete with not just a servitor-doctor but also a bed with straps to hold the patient down.


Then there is this – you get a few shells and ammo cases in this set, but this is a full-blown Exterminatus device. If this pops up as an objective, you will probably be wanting to make sure you grab it!


A cogitator – or a computer, 40k-style. Has a nice 70s server-theme to it…


And a xenos specimen case. One of the more interesting pieces, but is actually dead simple to put together. The actual casing was painted first (black, then drybrushed grey), followed by the Genestealer inside. Then the clear front just pops on (no glue was required, a true snap fit!) and you paint in the ‘bars’. A nice evocative piece overall!


One Response to “Sector Imperialis Objectives”

  1. Miniature Minded Says:

    Got myself a box of these, can’t wait to put them together! Just finished building the Primaris Marines and Death Guard from the Dark Imperium box this weekend and me and a friend are going to have our first game of 8th edition tonight using the two armies!

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