Helbrutes of the Death Guard

While I wait for, what I imagine will be, a veritable block of Death Guard releases, I thought I might do the odd unit here and there to pad out what you get in the Dark Imperium box set.


A couple of Helbrutes seemed to be the obvious choice!

After the box set Death Guard were done, I remembered that I had a Dark Vengeance set somewhere that I had done very little with. So, I popped the Helbrute out of its sprue and set to work.


However, an eBay recon turned up another Helbrute, this time a ‘standard’ one, for really not very much money. So, I snaggled that and, when it arrived, quickly painted the first few stages to bring it up to the same point as the first Helbrute, and then proceeded with both!


The result? My Death Guard no longer have to go into battle with a Drone being their heaviest support. Hopefully these Helbrutes will be seeing some action very soon!

Rooting around my (veritable mountain of) unpainted miniatures, I have also turned up Typhus, a bunch of Plaguebearers, and some Chaos Cultists, all of whom seem appropriate to add to the Death Guard. I am not rushing these (got some AoS Freeguild on the go at the moment), but I think they will be making an appearance in the very near future.


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