Freeguild, Unite!

These are some models I have had in the works for quite a while (the new 40k upset my schedule a bit), destined for the ongoing Age of Sigmar campaign – the first of a new Freeguild army!


I started off with a nice big unit of Handgunners (can be easily broken down into two units of 12 for smaller games), using a green and white colour scheme inspired by the Freeguild mercenaries in the City of Secrets novel.

For years I have been put off Empire models mostly because of their ‘quartered’ paint scheme but, as it turns out, it is not a bear to do at all!


I also managed to do a General to lead the Freeguild, who will sit nicely alongside the two Battlemages I did a short while ago.

For the rest of this army (it is only going to be a small force – for now, at least) I have a unit of 30 Freeguild Guard and another of 10 Greatswords. To these, I am adding an Ironweld Arsenal Helblaster Volley Gun and a Steam Tank (because you just have to).

All of these have been built and based, and are just waiting an undercoat and slot in the painting schedule – going to be cracking on with these quite soon as I have a two-game, two-table, four-Battleplan fight planned for these, as part of the Age of Sigmar campaign.

Stay tuned!


4 Responses to “Freeguild, Unite!”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    Great colour scheme. Also, where is the castle terrain from?

  2. altsain Says:

    They go for a bit on eBay – I lucked out and got it as part of bundle.

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