Horus Heresy: Space Woofs

So, here is me, a Dark Angel player through and through… and I have just painted my first Space Wolves in over 30 years of gaming.


And I think they have turned out rather nicely!

I really wasn’t going to touch the Horus Heresy (it is not as if I don’t have enough projects clicking along right now) but I started reading the novels, ‘acquired’ the Calth and Prospero box sets, and ‘accidentally’ put the Calth models together. It might have stopped there but I started reading up on Prospero, and thought that a campaign based on that might be fun.

So, expect some Thousands Sons to appear in the new future too…


I picked up the Prospero Painting Guide, which also incidentally includes painting guides for every legion, and was a little dismayed, as every scheme used lining and edging – which I hate. However, I decided to do these Wolves as suggested… and it was not as bad as I had thought! In fact, they were positively speedy to do.


In a nutshell, these models started with a Mechanicus Standard Grey undercoat, and got an all over Dawnstone. Balthasar Gold did all the goldy bits, and then Agrax was used over the gold and in the cracks of the grey. Runefang Silver highlighted the gold, and then a little Dawnstone tided up all the mistakes. A light drybrushing/edging of Administratum Grey more or less completes a Space Wolf.

After that, metal bits (Leadbelcher), gun casing and the odd detail – and done!

For the bases, I tried something new, moving onto the Armageddon Dust texture paint. Agrax goes over the top of this, and then drybrushing with Screaming Skull. Add the odd tuft of Mordheim Turf, do the base rim in Steel Legion Drab, place transfers, and the models are finished.


Even something like the big Contemptor was done in exactly the same way, and I availed myself of the Forge World transfer sheet for the Space Wolves.


With those two squads and some serious support done, I just needed to add a leader – the Captain from the Calth set.


Before doing more Space Wolves, I am going to be doing some Thousand Sons, using the remainder of models in the Calth set. This is breaking down as a Chaplain, a Tactical Squad, and two support squads – one with Meltaguns and the other with Missile Launchers. Then the Prospero box set will get opened and the models split between the two legions with a bias to the Thousand Sons, as the Space Woofs will be getting help from the Sisters and Custodes.

I am also trying the ‘cherry red’ approach to the Thousands Sons, though I am not sure how that will turn out as I am not using an airbrush (I might be forced to when I move onto vehicles).

Lots of experiments happening with these models!


One Response to “Horus Heresy: Space Woofs”

  1. Dawfydd Kelly Says:

    I’ve been experimenting with Forge Worlds Angron Red for the red sections of my Custodes shoulderpads. No airbrush so I’ve been painting it straight over the base of Retributer Gold that’s been washed with Reikland Flesh. Took about 4 coats to build up the colour, but it works. I’m thinking it would work quite nicely for Blood Ravens, but probably need to do a trial mini to see how it works…

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