Mantis Warriors Reinforcements

Added just two new models to the growing Mantis Warriors force – but as supporting parts, they are in a class of their own.

First up, had to be done, a Land Raider Crusader.


This model nicely reminded me just how quick vehicles can be to paint – base colour, no wash needed, straight onto the highlights. Then do the yellow bits, metal, and some details… then it is just onto the transfers!


This Bad Boy is going to be carrying Thunder Hammer-armed Terminators into battle, hitting the enemy with 37 dice worth of attacks, throwing the Terminators straight into the fight, then running over enemies for the odd mortal wound!

And just in case someone tries to do the same to me…


An Apothecary!

These are stand-alone characters in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 now, and given that they can resurrect dead friends, I thought he would be a useful addition.

The Mantis Warriors force is coming on quite nicely now, to the extent that this weekend I was able to field two Power Level 90 forces simultaneously!

Still need some more Troops units though – I am thinking some Scout Snipers and a pint-sized Tactical Squad in a Razorback…


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