Eleven of the Thousand Sons

A short while ago, I posted pictures of my first Horus Heresy-era Space Woofs – and now the Thousand Sons have joined them!


For some reason that is still not quite clear to me, I decided to do their armour in the ‘cherry red/lacquered’ scheme, as opposed to the flat Mephiston Red base recommended in the Prospero Painting Guide. As it turns out… it is not amazingly difficult.


You kick off with an overall coat of Iron Hands Steel, available from the Forge World Airbrush range (and no, I am not using an airbrush with these models, everything was done with a brush). I am not convinced that you could not just use Leadbelcher instead, but people smarter than me use Iron Hands, so that is what I went for.

You then splosh the entire model with Angron Red (Clear), also from Forge World. This is the first time-consuming part, as you will need four, probably five, coats to get the effect you see in the photographs. This is actually dead easy, and the time is taken up by drying – if you do these coats in-between other models, you won’t even notice the time they take, and you will have some nice red-lacquered models at the end of the process, a nice motivation to carry on.


After that, they are basically normal marines. Do the gold next (Retributor/Reikland/Liberator), metal (normal Leadbelcher/Nuln/Runefang), weapon casings and any other white bits (Celestra Grey/Nuln Oil in the cracks – the only fiddly bit on these models – White Scar), and then the eyes (Runefang Silver/Waystone Green).


So, why did I do two supporting squads and a leader first, before any Tactical Squads? Well, a Tactical Squad was put together and had one dousing of Angron Red – but I ran out of paint, as these eleven models pretty much took the contents of one pot of Angron Red!

Expect to see the first Tactical Squad soon though…

So, what next for the Thousand Sons, and Space Woofs, for that matter?

Well, I have (had) this idea that I would build up the forces for a proper Prospero campaign, as outlined in the Horus Heresy book, Inferno. So, I started making lists of all the models I was after (got a Recon Squad on its way for the Space Woofs, and one of those cute Contemptors specific to the Thousand Sons, as well as the contents of the Prospero box set to work my way through). However, reading through Inferno and noting the units used, I came across the Canis Vertex.

The Canis Vertex is a Warlord Titan. It appears in quite a notable battle.

And, it turns out, the Warlord is not the biggest bad in 40k. That would belong to the Sinister-pattern Warlord Battle Psi-Titan. So, that would be two Warlords…

Not sure I am quite ready for that. Going to be plonking around with, you know, the more normal units before I start thinking in terms quite that large…


2 Responses to “Eleven of the Thousand Sons”

  1. Azazel Says:

    The red looks great – have you sealed the models afterwards? I usually spray matte, but am thinking perhaps a gloss coat instead, followed by brush-on matte for the non-laquered parts of the model?

    • altsain Says:

      Generally, I don’t seal models at all (never found the need on plastic or resin). However, I usually use Lahmia Medium on transfers – on these models, I used Ard Coat on the transfers, because of the gloss finish.

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