New Battalions: Fyreslayers/Beastclaw Raiders

There are new Start Collecting sets for Age of Sigmar out this week, including two that players have been waiting a fair while for – the Fyreslayers and Beastclaw Raiders. Both represent good value and I think will become the standard go-to for anyone beginning a new army.

Each also comes with a new Battalion that uses all the models in the set.


The Beastclaw Raiders get Loshar’s Frost Guard, for which you need just a Frostlord on a Stonehorn and a Mournfang Pack (potentially just two Mournfangs, though four is a better number on the table and it fits in with the brief lore behind the Battalion).

It allows the Mournfangs to charge enemies close to the Frostlord in the hero phase – which is nice enough, until you realise it can also do this in the enemy’s hero phase.

That is pretty sweet…


Hajkarl’s Sons of Fortune come from the Fyreslayers set, and requires a bunch of Vulkite Berzerkers (ten will do, though they work better in twenties), a Runesmiter, Runeson, and a Runefather on the back of a Magmadroth.

Once you have all those painted, once per battle you can have every unit in the Battalion move 4″ towards an enemy unit. Not spectacular on the face of it, but the Fyreslayers need everything they can get when it comes to movement, and this will allow you to converge on a single enemy – remember, that last part of a charge is 4″, so this could make or break a combat!


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