The Freeguild Goes to War!

Of late, I have had a bit of a slow down on the old painting – but this weekend, it looks like I got my mojo back! A fair horde of miniatures were completed, which I’ll showcase this week, but we’ll start off with an important milestone… the Freeguild are now complete, as I finished a fair shed load over the past couple of days…


As you may recall, I had already done a unit of 24 Handgunners, a couple of Battle Wizards, and a General to lead them all – I now have 30 Guard, 10 Greatswords, and the starting of the Ironweld Arsenal. Not a massive army, by any stretch, but a good base to build on and more than enough to get playing.


The Guard were always going to be the biggest unit and, in a ‘proper’ army, I would probably need at least one more unit of this size. However, they form the core around which all the ‘special’ units will work.


The Greatswords add some punch, and I thought that (despite there only being ten of them) they would prove to be a bit of a bear to paint with all their frilly bits. However, if you use shading for their ‘ribbed’ sleeves rather than actually trying to paint the under layer (which will send you mad), they are actually easier than even the Guard, as their armour takes a large portion of their bodies and they carry less junk into battle.


And what is a Freeguild army without some truly heavy support from the Ironweld Arsenal, eh? I wanted them to be a slightly different colour to the Freeguild itself, so switched the green for blue, as I had already chosen that for the Cogsmith I painted up for Warhammer Quest (and no doubt he will join them in battle someday).

I had an open choice for artillery, but went with the Helblaster Volley Gun because, well, boom.


And if you have the Ironweld Arsenal, you just have to have a Steam Tank. It is sort of mandatory.

Again, this is another model that you might expect to be a pain, but is actually quick and simple to paint up. The shields and crewman match the colours of the other Ironweld models, and the greatest time-sink was probably all the gold detailing but, in truth, it was no hassle at all.

So, those are all the models I had planned to do for the Freeguild, at least for the time being, and I can now focus on other projects. Next up for Age of Sigmar is probably the Kharadron Overlords but, before I get to them, I have some models who want to sort a Heresy out…


One Response to “The Freeguild Goes to War!”

  1. Marc Says:

    great stuff. Steam tank is particularly good.

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