Thousand Sons Tactical Squad

I still have not leapt completely into Horus Heresy mode, but the occasional model is getting done here and there. This weekend, the Thousand Sons received their first Tactical Squad!


The basic idea is that I am doing both a Thousand Sons and Space Wolves force, with the thought that someday I’ll play a Prospero campaign. Not sure how realistic that is, but we’ll see how things go!


This squad marks the completion of the Betrayal of Calth set, and now I will be cracking on with the Burning of Prospero models. The Sisters of Silence and Custodes are already built and undercoated, and are destined to be next on the painting table, ably joined by Ahriman and the Tartaros Terminators (the latter of whom will be Thousand Sons).

As for the Mk III Space Marines of that set, twenty are destined to be Tactical marines for the Thousand Sons, which will neatly fill the ‘compulsory’ slots for that army (I have some Grey Slayers on their way from Forge World who will do the same for the Space Woofs), and then I have to make a decision on the last ten of the Mk III marines. I was thinking they should be another Tactical Squad for the Space Wolves, but maybe I should investigate the support options instead…


3 Responses to “Thousand Sons Tactical Squad”

  1. Miniature Minded Says:

    Very jealous of your painting skill! Looking really good. Would love to be able to afford a Horus Heresy army (or two!) but I will have to live vicariously through you!

    • altsain Says:

      No painting skill involved 🙂 Seriously, a ten year old could have painted these (the first stages literally involving just sploshing paint on the model!). As for the price of Heresy armies, I have yet to touch any of the Forge World stuff, these are just plastics from the normal range. EBay may be your friend!

      • Miniature Minded Says:

        Haha well compared to my painting skill it feels a lot better! I love the cherry red colour of heresy era thousand sons! I have bought a betrayal at Calth box and split it with a friend, I took the characters, termies and dread and he took the marines but I have just added them to my ultramarines 40k at the moment but we will see!

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