Praise be to Grandfather!

We heard this week that the Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines are the next up for the new edition treatment… which may mean that the Death Guard will be after them?

In preparation for that, I have been (slowly) building up some ancillary units for the Death Guard, including a couple of Helbrutes and some Daemons of Nurgle. But this week, I added a few of the little guys…


The Poxwalkers are simply those from the small ‘easy to build’ set. For really not much money, you get another six of the guys in different poses to those from the Dark Imperium box set. Not enough for any kind of reasonable unit, but just enough to use for new Poxwalkers when the my larger unit starts ‘converting’ the enemy (this does assume the unit reaches the enemy more or less intact, but we live in hope).


I also added some Cultists of Nurgle…


I do like the idea of these guys, particularly in the ongoing Konor campaign GW is running right now – you might imagine them sitting in their cellars as the first Chaos dropships dive into the atmosphere. ‘I hope its Nurgle, please be Nurgle… yay!’

Meanwhile, the Slaaneshi guys in the next building are grumbling ‘it is never our turn…’

I used pretty much the same method of painting these as Duncan on Warhammer TV suggests for the Cultists in the old Dark Vengeance set, and just swapped the colours around for something more Death Guardy – start with a Rhinox base, and then pick out individual colours. Quick and easy, which is what you want with these chaps.

On the painting table right now are some more Primaris Flesh Tearers, including a mahoosive Dreadnought, but this weekend will (hopefully) be all about the Horus Heresy and the campaign on Prospero…


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