The battered (mostly self-inflicted, it has to be said) Flesh Tearers chapter has received more Primaris reinforcements from Lord Guilliman!


The Reivers seem to have captured the imagination of many players, judging by the forums, and they are perhaps the closest thing to an assault-type squad so far, making them perfect for the Flesh Tearers.


Their skull masks also fit in well with the chapter, but a word of warning about those grav vanes on their backpacks; they may seem like the most ‘tactical’ option (though the grapnel launcher sounds fun too, and you can always use a Repulsor to cart them around the battlefield), but they are a sod to work with – the contact area to fix then to the backpack is not overly large, and you will knock a few off as you paint. However, re-attaching them with superglue and then layering paint over the top seems to be sufficient to hold them together during play.

Also note that I used the resin Flesh Tearers shoulder pads on these models, which is a blessing for those of us who simply cannot freehand consistently.

The next new squad are the Aggressors – another brand new kit if you only have the Dark Imperium models at the moment.


These are nice, meaty models and the combination of bolters and power fists makes them a nice assault unit too. Only three models, but their armour should help keep them out of too much trouble…

I thought they might be a bit of a pain to paint (they were certainly not the speediest models to put together, despite their low head count) but, in the end, they were simple enough. There is a fair bit of detail on their rear side, but it is up to you how much time you spend on that.

Finally, the big ‘un – the Redemptor Dreadnought.


This is a seriously imposing model, perhaps occupying the halfway point between the Dreadnought Classic and an Imperial Knight. I went with the two Onslaught Cannon (heavy and regular) for maximum dakka, but the plasma option is appealing too – not planning to do another one of these in the near future (they take about as long to build as a Land Raider – a lot of parts!), but it remains a possibility.



What next for the Flesh Tearers then? Well, I have the four characters built (Captain, Apothecary, Chaplain and Librarian), and I intend to start work on them very soon alongside the mighty Repulsor tank…