Masters of Prospero: Custodes and Sisters

Of late, I have forgone my usual approach of doing huge units all at once, and instead focussed on smaller forces, with the result that (funnily enough) I am getting more done! This time round, two units and a character to help out the Space Woofs on Prospero – the Sisters of Silence and Adeptus Custodes:


The Custodes are the poster boys here, of course, and they are very… gold!


Painting-wise, they are a doddle, and I followed pretty much all the steps listed in the Prospero Painting Guide. Gold in a couple of different flavours (Retributor and Liberator), Fleshshade wash, followed by a Runefang drybrush – then it is just a case of picking out the (fairly few) details.

As well as the (first) squad of Custodes, you also get a Shield-Captain.


You get weapon options for these guys and, to separate the captain from the squad, I went with the pikes for the squad and sword/shield for the captain. The fact that the shield allows re-rollable invulnerable saves for the captain and not the squad had no effect on me choosing to do them this way round…


The Sisters of Silence serve very well to scale just how large the Custodes are and will seem a lot more fiddly if you paint them side-by-side. The Forge World Prospero book has a picture of the Sisters in plain steel and though this gives them a nice ‘olde knight’ look, in the end I went with the bronze of the Painting Guide. I think it works well!

Following hot on the heels of these units are more reinforcements for the Thousand Sons, as I want to build both forces up in relative strengths rather than just focussing on one at a time. So, expect to see Tartaros Terminators very soon and, to match the Shield-Captain, Ahriman himself!


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