Mantis Warriors Gain Firepower!

Following my new approach of painting small units quickly, the Mantis Warriors have gained a couple of reinforcements – a Devastator Squad and, to help support the recently arrived tanks, a Techmarine.


The Devastator Squad is not optimised at all, being a (very cheap) eBay purchase, but that matters less these days with any squad being able to split fire as it sees fit. Just get them into position and let them unload on whatever takes each Marine’s fancy.


The Techmarine was another eBay acquisition, requiring me to fit him with a new Bolt Pistol and Power Axe. Less of a conversion and more like surgery to get him properly equipped and table-ready!


I have not got anything else lined up for the Mantis Warriors at the moment (though there are rumours of more air support coming their way), and for the next couple of weeks, my nose will be among Flesh Tearers Primaris Marines and Prospero forces (both Thousand Sons and Space Woofs).



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