Ahriman and the Terminators

Continuing my small unit approach to painting (wee’ll see how long that lasts…), I finished off the first of the elite units for my Heresy-era Thousand Sons, plus one of their main leaders – a squad of Tartaros Terminators and Ahriman…


I kept the Terminators simple, with Combi-Bolters all round, with an Autocannon to show they mean business (and for those occasions when psychic powers just aren’t cutting it).


These models have the largest flat panels of any model I have so far tried with the ‘lacquer’ technique and, I am happy to say, it is holding up well (though it needed 5 coats of Forge World’s Angron Red, one more than the Tactical Marines). The big test, however, will be on a large vehicle, and I am somewhat dubious about whether it will work without an airbrush. Still, baby steps, and sometime after these Terminators I’ll be giving a Contemptor Dreadnought a bash.

Then we come to Ahriman…


Other than swapping out the Mephiston Red base for the Angron Red washes, I pretty much followed the Prospero Painting Guide (if you want to do any legion quickly and easily, this is a book you want).

Overall, he was pretty quick to do, and I am sure he will give the Space Woofs a headache (well, until the Sisters of Silence pop up).

Next up for the Horus Heresy will be another Tactical Squad or two (with Mk III power armour) to really start padding out the Thousand Sons, followed by a Tactical Squad for the Space Woofs – however, the latter will also be seeing Fellhand and, just for laughs, a Caestus, the first real Heresy-era vehicle I will be tackling.

However, on the painting table right now are yet more Primaris Marines for the Flesh Tearers – four characters and a Repulsor, so expect some serious firepower…


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