Rise of Nurgle

As the new Codex: Death Guard is going to be plopping onto my desk next week, I have been getting various supporting units ready for the army. This was nicely bolstered by the recent release of the Blightwar box set, whose Nurgle daemons I promptly co-opted for the Death Guard.


As you can see, I also snuck in the Daemon Prince of Nurgle so my Lord of Contagion finally has someone to boss him around.


This is a Finecast model, easy to put together and quick to paint – fundamentally, he is no different to Plague Marines, just a tad bigger! In a battle, we might well find that is the Suppurating Plate he is wearing, giving him a 2+ Save that bounces mortal wounds whenever it blocks a blow. The Warlord Trait Revoltingly Resilient will give him a further 4+ against any hits that get through the armour or his Toughness 6 and, with 8 Wounds, he has a lot of leeway for any twists of fate.



More Nurglings are always welcome (I could use another three though), and the Plaguebearers are going to get added to the existing unit, making them full strength at 30 models. This gives leeway on their Cloud of Flies rule, meaning they will not lose their -1 to be hit as soon as they lose a single model.

With a Herald of Nurgle following them up and laying Miasma of Pestilence on them (for a total of -2 to be hit), they are always going to reach the enemy. Whether they can actually do anything worthwhile once they get there is another question but here int he Death Guard we deal with one problem at a time!


Finally, three new Plague Drones. I have never really been enamoured with these on the battlefield (though they have acted as good speed bumps against me in Age of Sigmar), and my AoS Daemons of Nurgle army already has eight, so I really did not need to do any more. However, this gave me a chance to vary the paint scheme a little, tying in their purple wings with the secondary colour I have used with the Death Guard. And they will always be available for use when we want really big battles where we just put everything on the table.

Next up for the Death Guard will be the new releases, specifically the Daemon Primarch Mortarion and a new squad of Plague Marines built from the Easy to Build and forthcoming Brethren sets. However, this weekend is all about the Heresy-era Space Woofs, who will get getting another squad and a spanking new flyer!


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