The Kharadron Overlords have Arrived…

I was all set to do the Kharadron Overlords earlier this year, but then the Horus Heresy happened and then came 8th edition 40k…

However, last week I read the latest Age of Sigmar novel, which had the Overlords in it, and the Arkanaut Companies kinda fell onto my painting desk. I polished those off quicker than I thought I might… and then polished off the Thunderers too. So, this morning, I can proudly present 60 Kharadron Overlords, all painted and ready to go – the entire infantry section of my planned force, done in one weekend (sort of)!


The Arkanauts were actually a lot quicker to do than I had thought, and the fiddly bits (like the straps) were  not all that fiddly after all. They end up being a basic process of cloth, silver armour (finished off with Stormhost Silver to make them extra-shiny!), gold armour, straps. The only real ‘detailing’ is a bit of Soulstone Blue for any glowy bits). Base them, then they are done!

In the end, I went for the purple Baraka-nar, for several reasons, though their special rules were not among them (though being able to more or less shut down enemy casting will be fun). First off, as the largest skyport, I figured they would feature prominently in forthcoming campaigns from GW. Second, I picked up Brokk, the High Admiral, and he comes from Barak-nar. True, I could have him leading another skyport, or simply paint him in different colours… but I wanted things done ‘properly’.


The Thunderers are even quicker for while they are slightly larger, they have no straps at all, so you can just whiz through them – overall, they probably take longer to dry than paint.


So, there you go – 60 models in a weekend, and all the infantry of the Overlords done. Now they just need some ships and people to lead them. I have already put together three Gunhaulers and all the characters (bar Brokk himself), but I think I’ll take a quick break from these chaps (wasn’t going to crack on with them until the end of the year!) before finishing the force off completely.

Oh, and if 60 infantry were not enough… I also managed to polish off three more Nurglings for the Death Guard!



One Response to “The Kharadron Overlords have Arrived…”

  1. Neal Smith Says:

    You are sooooooo prolific!

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