The Dwarf Giants

I have finally finished my Dwarf team for Blood Bowl – something of a relief, as these models have been hanging around the painting table for months and months.


I had started these guys early this year, but then I heard that Forge World were doing some star players, so I stopped and waited for them (may as well do everything together), then I got distracted by Age of Sigmar stuff, then 8th edition 40k came out…

Anyway, they are done now!


I followed Duncan’s method for doing their armour (Sotek, Agrax, Sotek, and then Temple Guard Blue), which is fast and easy.


For the Troll Slayers, I used the same oranges as on the Fyreslayers – the ‘dry’ Kindleflame is the secret weapon here, as it really brings out the highlights for not very much effort.


I also started a Dwarf team in Blood Bowl II on the Xbox, to get into the mood (though I have been somewhat distracted by the Amazon team they recently added…).


And finally, the models that stalled the entire team in the first place – straight from Forge World. The real ‘star’ here is, of course, the Death Roller, complete with a Goblin it is trampling over.


Quite a fun model overall and, despite it getting sent off by the ref a great deal, I think it will cause a suitable amount of terror on the pitch.


Grim Ironjaw was painted up in Dwarf Giant colours, though that really just means a change of trousers for a Troll Slayer.


And, last of all, Grombrindal, the White Dwarf himself. I kept his colours more or less as Forge World suggests, as he is a bit special, but I did his padded tunic in the same blue as the Dwarf Giants’ armour to keep everything tied together.

Next up for Blood Bowl is the Goblin team (with the Black Gobbo and Troll!), and the Bright Crusaders. I think they will be a little while in coming, as I have a fair bunch of Death Guard and Heresy-era models to get through at the moment, along with the Kharadron Overlords…


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