As I noted last week, these Star Wars miniatures are super-fast to paint up… so I did some more!


The glamour puss here is General Weiss’ own up-gunned AT-ST.


Once again, I followed Sorastro’s Youtube painting guide, and the AT-STs have to be some of the quickest models I have painted in years, despite their size. Sorastro has also got me doing a couple of things I would never normally do, namely mixing poaint to get new colours (this AT-ST is an ‘off-cream’ colour rather than the usual flat Imperial grey) and light reflections (you can just about see it in front of that red targeter).


Anyway, this model is suitably imposing and should create a fair bit of a stir among the players of Imperial Assault when it goes on the table.


The Probe Droids are also incredibly easy – black, drybrush, wash… The only real addition is the use of Ard Coat to give their lenses a glassy shine, something that was also done on…


…the bounty hunter IG-88, though it is only on his eye stalks and very hard to see in the photo!


Some Imperial Officers were done to lead this little force, and here things go downhill slightly as while you might be able to live with identical Stormtroopers, doing the same with Officers is a bit… poor.


Finally, I completed the first of the heroes of Imperial Assault, the Wookiee, purely because he was dead easy to do (low hanging fruit again, to get things done quickly). For him, I did not follow Sorastro, purely because the Mournfang/Tyrant/Agrax technique works so well for fur.

Still got some more Star Wars on my painting table, and I am going to have a crack at getting all the Heroes done this week, but there may be some more Sigmar and Death Guard appearing beforehand.