The Death Guard have been a bit of a slog of late, not because I haven’t wanted to do them but because of other things getting in the way (Star Wars miniatures, a platoon ops on World of Tanks that we finally got through last night…). However, the next two units are done and dusted – the Deathshroud Terminators and a second unit of Plague Marines.


The Deathshroud are, obviously, the cream of the crop when it comes to the Death Guard, as they are just plain nasty when they teleport into your opponent’s rear line with a Lord of Contagion.


Naturally, I went with a unit of six, completely ignoring the fact that they are so expensive, only the first three are ever likely to appear. Having six of these guys dropping down though will be really funny…


Then there are the Plague Marines. I figured out a while ago that if I picked up two boxes of the Easy to Build Plague Marines, along with the Plague Brethren box set, I would have enough of these guys to fill out the Dark Imperium squad (it is ‘missing’ a special weapons marine) and build a whole new squad of seven Plague Marines, with one marine and a unit champion ‘spare’.

This would have given me a second unit before the actual Plague Marines box set came out, but my delays made that kind of moot.


However, it does mean that I have my two squads, and can now use the box sets to build the 20-strong close combat-oriented squad that I have been planning (it will simply be awesome as it pushes aside any enemies it meets…).

Next up for the Death Guard will be some vehicles and characters, but I have a feeling Star Wars may get a little in the way first…