Continuing the Star Wars theme, I managed to get the last miniatures of the Imperial Assault starter set finished last night – we are now ready to play!


As I said before, these are really quick miniatures to do but, while they do not have the same edge as GW models (the sculpts – but not the plastic – are a bit ‘soft’ and there is a lot of repetition among the rank and file), they are very characterful and some really do capture the Star Wars magic.


Take these two, for example, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Check out Skywalker’s pose – doesn’t it just make you start humming da-da-da-daaa, da-da-da-daaaa-da, eh?

While Luke is part of the Imperial Assault set (along with Vader), Solo is from the expansions, and I have already started adding the expansions that tie directly into Imperial Assault. Chewbacca and Kenobi are already on the painting table, and I’ll be adding some Rebel Troopers as soon as I can. I’m avoiding the later expansions for now though (all in good time…).


Along with the Wookiee I did earlier, these are the core characters of Imperial Assault. While they all have different approaches to painting, I did them all alongside one another and, being Star Wars miniatures, they were quick enough to get through.


The Trandoshan Hunters were a bit more of a pain, if only because I gave them different coloured jump suits but, funnily enough, I had the Trandoshan Hunter episode of Clone Wars on while I painted these. So that helped!


The Rebels may rue the day I painted these guys – two Scout Troopers manning E-Web Reapeating Blasters.

It is worth pointing out that these models all come fully assembled (except the AT-ST, and that is no bear to put together), and they need little to no work in final prepping or gap-filling. Excellent if you just want to get down to the painting!


Finally, the two Nexu (Nexus? Nexi?). Again, very easy to paint, and I had these polished off before anything else you see here.

Alongside Kenobi and Chewbacca on the painting table, I have the Royal Guard Champion just taking his base coats, and no doubt there will be more Star Wars to follow (like the Rebel Troopers and Saboteurs). However, I also want to keep the other armies ticking over, so I also have more Death Guard, Horticulous from Blightwar, and a couple more squads for the Heresy-era Space Woofs on the go.

Busy, busy, busy!